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Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I gotta say that 'Martha' has done some serious slacking this year, folks. Usually, by this time, all the shopping is done, the wrapping is done, the cards have been mailed, the cookies baked, and all that remains is sitting back and enjoying the holiday parties. Oh, how she has failed me this year.

It's not entirely her fault. The money I didn't have earlier in the year made it virtually impossible to do the early shopping I usually manage. So, here I am, at the last minute, scrambling. It's been a good many years since I've been in this position, and while the terrain is unfamiliar, we're making the best of it.

I've gotten the cards mailed and the cookies baked. (In fact, I've now made three double batches of Swedish nuts and may make one more before all is said and done.) All of my out of town gifts have been purchased and (as of Friday) shipped. Huge checkmark on my list to know that all of those will make it prior to the holiday. All of my decorating, inside and out, is done (including a truly spectacular tree this year). The shopping, though...well, it's still challenging me.

Highlander and I were out for over five hours shopping yesterday afternoon. Hitting Toys 'R Us, Hobby Lobby, PetsMart, Target, Value City, Books a Million, and not one, but TWO, of the comic shops here in town. I had my doubts about his capacity to hang in for a full day of shopping, but he was in for the duration. In fact, had he not been so, my efforts would have been far less fruitful. Without his powers of observation, I'd have totally left Target without getting either of the two toys we'd come to buy. After a disappointing venture to Toys 'R Us for both of them, I remembered having seen them at Target. But one of them, a doll for [Kid 3] has, apparently, been a pretty popular item this year and is in relatively short supply.

And so, starting the day with a list showing a whopping twenty three gifts to get between the three kids (plus candy for stockings), I have (with Highlander's always invaluable help) winnowed that down to merely five items. A pair of jeans for each of the older girls, slippers for #2 and #3, and a cellphone minute gift card for #1.

Much as I'd like to say that the small list above is all that I have left to buy, I can't. Highlander has one gift he still wants to pick up for [Kid 2], and I have to finish shopping for my sister, my niece, my dad and my mom. I picked up one smallish thing for my mom yesterday, but, as Christmas will be celebrated there next Saturday afternoon, I need to get my booty in gear and get about 7-8 more things for that crowd.

In addition, I've not done too much (besides organizing the masses) for this year's "Santa Family" and will likely be pulling that together next Friday for a Saturday morning delivery. A little cooking for that (my yummy sweet potato casserole) and putting together a veggie tray for mom's party (where she traditionally has finger foods), before diving into the cooking for my little family (which will likely commence on Sunday).

On Friday, I'll also be finishing up my shopping for Highlander. Though, I think I can knock that out in three stops. Heh, just three more stops to add. Sometimes, I crack myself up.

So, with barely over a week until the "deadline", you can see that despite the many lists and spreadsheets, Martha has let me down this year. I think I'll make it, but we're definitely going down the wire this time.


Blogger AaA said...

I pray nothing in enroute to me, save that it be lumpish in general shape, and coal-like in texture and luster.

I'se po' this yeah. Nobuddy's gettin' nuthin' fer exmass.

12/18/2006 3:23 AM  

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