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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forty Days in the Hole

As I'm terribly, terribly swamped today, I'm rushing through this. Many of you have been concerned about my vehicular woes and I wanted to take, just a minute, to do what I could to alleviate your worries. It took a great lot of your positive energies being channelled this way (along with a great deal of borrowed money) and FORTY LONG DAYS, but I am, once again, on the road again.

Two small (compared to the rest of the long, sordid tale) things still to be addressed:

1) The brakes feel low. I've been told that driving it should correct it. And they are functional, even though they are low. I'm told I can bring it back for manual adjustments, if necessary. And I plan to.

2) My radio isn't working. Which, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with the brakes. However, Honda, in their Ancient Chinese Secret kinda way (Japanese didn't work, OKAY?), has an anti-theft dealio where the radio stops working if the power is disconnected. Basically, if someone is dumb enough to steal your stereo out of your car, the minute they disconnect it, it won't work for them again. Unless. Unless they know your secret code. Because batteries need to be replaced, and various repairs require the electrical system to be disconnected, there is a code that, once power is restored, needs to be input. Once done, your radio works again. I've had to do it before and wrote the secret code down in my owner's manual. When I tried it this morning. Nothing. So, I need to find out about that.

Mostly, though, at least right now, I'm glad to be rolling at all. Not quite "as good as new", but better than it's been. I'm grateful for that much. Believe me.

Best wishes to the rest of you dealing with automotive issues. And, thanks again for all the mojo. Most appreciated!


Blogger AaA said...

Welcome back to the wonderful world of escalating gasoline prices.

8/05/2006 9:54 PM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Apparently, just in time. The night I got the car back, prices in the area were $2.95/gallon. The next morning, they leapt to $3.15. Talk about seeing me coming.

8/06/2006 12:20 PM  

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