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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Okay, let me preface by saying I'm delighted to be married and am deeply in love with my new husband. But, BOY am I glad to be done with wedding planning/implementation!! And while my hubby would likely rather I tell you all that I'm exhausted as a result of our honeymoon, I think it was the entire weekend's worth of toting barges and hauling bales and all the other addition to the honeymoon...that got me.

I've decided not to post about the wedding, as those of you I want to know about the events were either there, or have received the 411 via other methods. Those whose business it is not, will have to find the information elsewhere. Nosy, though they are, I'm certain they will try. The short and sweet is that it was a beautiful day, a memorable ceremony, and we're all very happy to be where we are. (Well, considering we're back to work, that last may not be entirely apt. But, you know what I mean.)

I feel like I've been gone forever, as I haven't posted here since last Friday. And, geez, a few pretty significant things have happened whilst I was away. Likely you are all aware of them already. But, just in case you missed them, as well, here are a few things you should know.

'Kryptonite' has been discovered on earth. Though it's a bit of a let down, if you ask me.

Russia's first president, Boris Yeltsin, died and was buried.

They've found a new planet that may be able to sustain life. (Which will be pretty cool when we finish screwing up this one.)

Dick and George have continued to battle with "us" over how many Americans they feel it's appropriate to return home in body bags. That's hardly news, though. And, of course, George and Laura have had it roughest of all...::rolling my eyes::

Other than that, we're back to business as (mostly) usual around Castle Anthrax. We've nearly convinced Nate to move to River City. The kids are well and happy. (And we're gearing up for proms and graduation over the next few weeks.) Deliriously happy to be married. Thanks to all of you who blogged about our happy occasion (Mike, Mark, Tony, Opus, Your Girl Friday, Nate...sheesh...there's sooo much more going on in the world, guys!), and/or sent notes or gifts, and/or were able to attend. Highlander and I both love you all to pieces and appreciate everything you've done to make this a special time for us!

Now back to the heaping piles o' shop drawings for me! Ahhh, being missed at work is just the BEST!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow--congratulations! I hope you have a long, happy life together!

~~L.C. (

4/26/2007 10:13 AM  
Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

Again, congrats. I can so relate about the post-nuptial exhaustion...we did the big-mega-fat Jewish extravaganza and jeez, we were so wiped out (and sort of anticipated that we would be) that we took a three-day buffer before jetting off on the honeymoon. And even with that, lingering relatives still wanted to take us out for yet another breakfast, another lunch, another dinner.

Sometimes I think weddings are for the families.

But the idea behind it is pretty darned good.

4/26/2007 5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll make a list of the booty haul? Or is that none of our damn business?

Tony C.

4/28/2007 7:30 PM  

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