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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'd Like to Send a Dedication Out To a Great Bunch of People!

Another birthday put to bed. But I know how you blog whores love to know the haps. So, here’s the scoop. Finally.

Let's rock a little "Shout Out" to those who deserve it...

To My Kiddies

I love you guys to pieces! I couldn't adore you more! I mean it!! That said, you older ones should try to help your youngest sister when selecting gifts for Mom. 'Cause naughty lingerie is almost always fun to get. But it's kinda freaky coming from your 7 year old daughter.

That said, I just wanna add that it was adorable that she wanted to empty her piggy bank to get it for me (and also adorable that 'D' insisted on sneaking the funds back in there guys are so cute!), and I'll cherish it! Also, it's really very pretty...BIG PLUS!!

[Kid 1], you really shouldn't have spent money on a gift for me! With things as tight for you as they are...and your lengthy list of artistic talents...I'm sure you coulda come up with something special for me. However, the cookbook was thoughtful and I adore you for loving me enough to forego an order of bacon cheesebread. I know what that means to you.

Lastly, [Kid 2], thanks for helping so much to make this one a very special...very memorable...birthday. I know you helped 'D' pick things out and get things ready. You are a doll, Sweetie and I'm the luckiest Mom evah...seriously!!

To My Ma, Pa and Sis

Thanks! Thanks for thinking of me! Thanks for buying me clothes, especially. 'Cause, yeah, forever later and I still have trouble spending money on myself. And sometimes, when you guys do it, I get a twinge of guilt...or two...

But the gifts were all thoughtful and I appreciate you always!!

To the Colletts

It was such a delightful surprise to find a birthday card from you guys in my mailbox! And such a sweet one!! You guys are the best!!

To My Ma and Pa Inlaw (heh...that rhymes)

Always nice to hear from you, but especially so on my birthday!! Thanks for the card and the phone call!! Love you!! (Have a nice trip and we'll catch you when you get home!!)

To Nate

Nate, you're a big pain in wait...I'm just playing. You're very sweet and the dice and the Magic cards (which yielded some particularly fun stuff) are deeply appreciated. Now, quit cheating and let me beat ya, 'k?

To My Darling Hubby

(Were you starting to wonder if you were even gonna be on the list here?)

Hard to believe that you can still pull off firsts, but, of course, you manage it with aplomb. Never before has any man (who didn't share my DNA) baked me a cake. An actual cake. With decorations and candles and everything. Like you were TRYING to make it special...and everything... I hardly know what to would start with "WOW" and end with "How incredibly lucky I am!"

The music (the new Daughtry CD and Kelly Clarkson's new one) and picture frames and candles and movie (HOT FUZZ) were all very thoughtful, and I love them, but...

the things I loved MOST about your gift

* were that you tried to recreate a "package" like you used to get (which, knowing how much they meant to you, is completely adorable)

* that you made me a handmade postcard to add to my collection (I only have one other...from my former brother-in-law, and I treasure it, too) with pictures of you and the girls on it and the sweetest sentiment about being in each others' lives. It was the most thoughtful gift, and I adore you for knowing how much I'd treasure that gift of your time and your talents.

* the flowers are always a romantic gesture and I adore you for finding it appropriate to give them more than once a year...and for remembering what kind (and what color) I like. You have no idea what a joy that is!!

* the ponies were an unexpected and most special reminder of a rather sweet time and you never cease to amaze me with your capacity to remember right where my heartstrings are. It floors me every time. And, by now, it shouldn't. But thank you for being the sentimental fool. I adore you for it.

Thanks, too to Mr. Norton and the Gibsons for sending birthday wishes, and for all the others out there who helped make my day (weekend, actually) a great time. 'ppreciate it...and all of you!!


Blogger The Bunnyman said...

Thanks, baby. I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday. I love you!

9/27/2007 9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I relayed your thanks to Kathy (we both say you're welcome) and the story of the youngest's gift to you. Told her it reminded me of a "One Big Happy" strip where there was a mixup between the mom's lingerie and Ruthie's show and tell. The last panel is Ruthie holding up the lingerie saying "It looks like it'd fit me, but believe it or not, it's my mom's"
Glad to hear you had a good day.

Tony C.

9/27/2007 1:38 PM  
Blogger Nate said...

I've been bad, no blogging in FOREVER! Glad you liked the stuff, and no, I will never stop cheating...

it's the only way I can win.

10/22/2007 10:28 PM  

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