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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In My Life(time)...

...There are places I remember,
All my life, though some have changed...

I have never been what I'd call gullible. At least I don't remember ever being so. In my "advanced youth", I've certainly become more and more jaded. It's something I continue to struggle with.

Today, though, when Barack Obama took the oath of office, I felt energized. I felt somehow restored. I felt that maybe, just maybe, we really could pull out of this and be better for what we've endured. I felt hope. I felt the restoration

And without realizing it, I exhaled.

As if I'd been holding my breath for eight long, long years.

I surprised myself by doing so.

Several co-workers and I sat around our conference room table and watched the ceremony (while eating some truly mediocre Chinese carryout). None of us speaking. All of us rapt with admiration for this charismatic and motivational man.

Part of me is a little nervous. Like the first time you ride your bike without the training wheels. You're confidence builds despite how wobbly you start. And before you know it, you're flying...great expectations and all.

I love that President Obama (whew...I'm diggin' that already) drew over a million people to his inaugural address. People hungry for hope.

I love that he refuses to dream small when it comes to this country.

I love that he is, already, a symbol of unity and wisdom.

I love that I got to see this in my lifetime. And that my children did, too. And that they are old enough to remember.

We still have so very much work to do. Maybe more than we can do. But today, on this day, I am proud of my country.


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