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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm Feeling Kinda Randomy!

Randomish? Randomesque? Hmmm. If you've come here in search of coherent thought, boy did you pick the wrong day! See, I'm having a day, today. Actually, it feels more like about a day and half. But it's getting late into the afternoon and soon, I will be careening towards the daycare to pick up my littlest one and then to the warm and comforting embrace of home (and Highlander). To be fair, some of this stuff didn't start today, only coming to fruition within this particular twenty-four hour period. But, we must adhere to the rules about such things.

On Tuesday night, I started feeling really crappy. Couldn't sleep, because I was doubled over in pain. Cramping that had my eyes watering and kept me from finding any comfortable position at all. Extra-Strength Midol couldn't touch it. Years ago, I had a cat. (It's a tangent, people. You know you've seen one before. Don't act like you haven't. Come on, catch up with me here.) The cat was mostly loveable, but he hated to go to the vet. I suppose they all do. When it came time to take him to get neutered, we all piled into the car with our boxed cat. He was kind of freaking out and, so, he wriggled his way out of the cardboard box and promptly musted my car. The entire back seat and floor board reeked. And it took months of cleaning and airing to get the smell out. It was, I suppose, his last hoorah. All of that is to explain that I'm having some outpatient surgery in two weeks that will make all this pain go away and I suppose my body wants its last hoorah, too.

I stayed home from work yesterday and slept alot. And this morning, a delightfully painful and foggy headache has joined in, too. It's a MUTINY, I tell you! What's next? My knees? My spleen? So, I'm feeling like crap, and that's where the day starts.

I got an email from my attorney indicating that rather than setting a hearing date to get the changes to my girls' custody made, the judge has ordered a mediator to try to help me and my ex (who insists he is going down fighting on this) come to a mutually agreeable compromise. A two-hour session has been scheduled. I get to pay my attorney for two hours plus half the cost of the mediator's two hours. I keep trying to remind myself of something my love told me a few weeks ago. Even though this may take a while and end up costing a HUGE sum of money, Highlander reminded me that there is nothing more important that WE could be spending our money on right now. That making the kids feel more secure and happy is paramount. I always know this, but I fret when I think of how much this will add up to, and how quickly it will do it. So, I'm kinda in fret mode. But, he's absolutely right. And we'll do what we have to do to take care of the kids. (How lucky am I to have this wonderful man in our lives???)

Then, at work, the spawn of Hell sent their revised list of "outstanding construction issues", and, as I'd feared, it's a FIFTEEN PAGE TYPED LIST. No, there are no large fonts. No, there is no double-spacing. No, there are no graphics or drawings of any kind. FIFTEEN PAGES. UGH!!!!! I faxed it to Larry, Moe & Curly Construction to have them start looking it over and asked them to contact me about scheduling a meeting to review the list on Monday. (Remember that headache I was talking about? It's roaring by now.) Of course, I've not heard a word from them all day. And my own preliminary perusal, did little to make things better.

Anyway, in order to cheer myself up, I met Highlander for lunch. And that worked really well. (Though I'm not recommending to my readers that you go visit my boyfriend on your lunchbreak in an effort to curb the Bad Day Cycle! Find your own fun, people!) He was sweet and made me feel much, much better!

Surfing around a little later today, I ran across a couple things that I wanted to share with you. No, there is no theme. It's random. You've already been warned.

First up, a science experiment. Please, don't try this at home, boys and girls!

If your elderly friend is running away from you at 1 MPH, and you are drinking Wild Turkey and driving a pick-up truck ahead of him screaming "Run, you Bastard, or I'll shoot you in the face!", how far away from him do you have to be, to simulate the damage in this photo? Not sure? These guys can help answer those questions and more. They're kinda like amateur Mythbusters!

In my much younger days, I used to babysit some kids for an ex-hippie chick/psychologist I knew, who taught me how to calculate astrological birthcharts. I used to do them for everyone. I thought it was cool. And, despite the fact, that it might take me a couple hours to calculate and interpret a chart, I enjoyed doing it. The age of the internet has made this a much simpler thing to do now. (My oldest daughter will be thrilled!!) Plug in information here and you will get a rendering of the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth, as well as the interpretive significance of such. I wouldn't take this stuff too seriously, but, it's a cool-looking chart and a fun distraction, nonetheless.

It's Girl Scout Cookie season. I remember when I used to shill the baked goods myself. Ah, the days. I was looking over this blog today, as I have fairly often. This guy cracks me up. And I'm pretty sure he's made a young girl cry...recently, even.

And while we're on the subject, there's this news article that you may want to check out, before you eat too many of those goodies!

Or check out this story about a Washington woman stealing cookies from babies.

And the last link that I wanted to include was this piece about an event that my parents took my girls to last weekend. They all had a good time with it!

All right. Class is dismissed. Let's hope tomorrow is a better one for all of us!!


Blogger MJ Norton said...

Too much to respond to at this point in the day (pre-dawn Friday), but all the best with both the procedure coming up in a couple weeks and the mediation. The procedure's something that's happened up in this neck of the woods (though that makes for a strange shift in anatomy...) and has generally been welcome for my wife, though the rest of her system continues onward with its changes. Hot flashes have made for an especially rough week for her.

The jump back to work issues jarred me a touch, as I momentarily missed the significance of the Hell reference and thought the 15 pages of outstanding issues was coming from a representative of your ex. I was happy to discover my error.

We went through our Girl Scout cookie season up here a little while ago, with me successfully running the gauntlet outside stores and banks but falling prey once when the mother of a scout was working the register at a nearby Lee's Hoagie House I'd hit for lunch. I buckled and bought a couple boxes, though they sat in a bag, unopened at home for over a week before someone discovered them and passed them into history, so to speak.

3/10/2006 5:38 AM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Getting ready to get into my day, myself, Mike and wanted to note that, I'd made a couple small changes to (hopefully) make the transition to work stuff a little less jarring. Thanks!

3/10/2006 5:45 AM  
Blogger MJ Norton said...

It was entirely my early morning deficiency, not yours. It reads well either way.

Okay... I'm outta heah!

3/10/2006 6:10 AM  

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