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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now All I Need is a Three-Headed Dog

Monday and Tuesday were gorgeous here in River City. Warm and sunny. Barely a hint of wind. Today. Warm we got. Sunny...not so much. But the wind, right now, is something else!! It's too bad I can't tell Highlander to "go fly a kite", because he's at work. But, the weather is perfect for it, and, honestly, I know he wants to.

I had to run down to 'Hell' to meet someone from the City. (We've begun to have some issues with graffiti and the City has a program where they'll take care of getting rid of it on private property in the downtown area.) He was lost and couldn't find the property. Gee. I gave him the address. And that it's literally on the corner of two major streets (and I even told him which two major streets). And that it's across the street from a pretty major landmark here in River City. And still he's telling me that he can't find it. Okay. Okay. I'm 10 blocks away. I'll stop what I'm doing and head down there and help you. So, I drive down to 'Hell' and he's, of course, no where to be found. I walk up to the next block and there he is. Idiots. I point blank told him the street address and the cross street.


So, we walk back down to 'Hell', and I walk him around and show him the three areas where we have graffiti and the wind is just whipping my hair all over the place while we're doing it. Now, this morning, I was running a little late. And so, since my hair wasn't too wild, I opted not to curl my curly hair and just go with the tousled look.

But now.

After walking around in the wind for half an hour.

I've got the Medusa look.

I'm thinking that Medusa works really well for 'Hell', actually. So, I shouldn't complain. Right? Even if I don't really like snakes very much.

There will be no pictures of me with my new 'do. But, you know how your old Barbie doll that hadn't seen a brush in decades looked? Well, that's close.

It's more...kinda like this...

I may need to run home at lunch.

And get a hat.

Or some hedge trimmers.

Or something.

What do snakes eat anyway?

Man, I'm feeling for the chicks in Chicago.


Blogger Highlander said...

Isn't Super Drama Teen allergic to three headed dogs?

4/12/2006 4:48 PM  
Blogger AaA said...

I didn't know astronauts could have their hair that long...

4/14/2006 6:26 AM  

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