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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lighten Up a Little, Will Ya?

Hmmm, things have gotten too heady for some of my audience and too feisty for others. So, let's wash that nasty taste of 'truth' out of everyone's mouth with a little lighthearted goof fest? Links and pics and random doo-dads and gizmos. Everything is higgledy piggledy here at The Oral Report, today.

Yep. Another sign generator. You'd think I'd be over these, wouldn't you? Can't help it. This site has sign generators that are neon lights, late breaking news broadcasts, messages written in yellow snow, and something special for the geeky boys, a beacon (think 'bat signal'). I had lots of fun playing there.

On this date in Mythstory is a fairly well-written site that shares some relevant data, and then puts a little spin on it. Fun stuff. If I may, here's a little snippet...

May 22nd, 1939: Hitler & Mussolini sign "Pact of Steel," an alliance promising immediate aid and military support to one another in the event of war, and of collaboration in military and wartime production. Neither man makes good on the further promise to hide the porn of the other in case of premature death. Why Should This Make You Feel Better? Your "Buns of Steel" workout tape is considerably less lethal, especially since you have expertly contained it in your lower right hand desk drawer, still sheathed in the bag you bought it in. In 1996. (Atop a Jenny McCarthy Playboy from 1996. Might wanna get rid of that before you die.)

And for the tinfoil hat crowd (love you to death, Highlander...;), tinWiki will be right up your alley. But, as with Wikipedia in general, please take the information gathered there as what it is. Textual donations made by the general public. Some of it by folks that haven't had their meds recently. I just figured that since some of you already had your tin foil hats on, you might as well have a little fun with them.

Free Anti-War 'Posters' that you can use to paper your brief case, the bathroom at work, or your neighbor's cat. If you think the war is a good thing, you really shouldn't be here anyway. If you are looking for a way to make a statement, have at it.

Choose from about a dozen different varieties. Or, you know, with all the creativity that lurks around here, just make your own already.

You're sitting around the living room, broke. Wishing you had a few bucks so you could go out to the movies or buy that new widget you've had your eye on. Well, have I got something for you!! No need to thank me. That's what commissions are for!

At, you can find out how much your domain name is worth. I popped mine in there and...well...::sniff::...I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! Just as soon as I can find someone willing to give me what this puppy is worth!!

the oral report
Combined Value Score: 75
Top Level Domain Score: 1
Unwanted Characters Score: 10
Dictionary Word Score: 50
Length Score: 4 Score: 0
Google Search Results: 120 "". (0.61 ) . ? &; &; &; &; &; ! ....../ - 105 - 21, 2006 - - -: (..) ’ . .....//004164. - 88 - - : - ... 26 2006 12:34:06 -0400 < ="://.. /2006/04/-----.">, .....//. - 21, 2006 - , , , (..) . ’ - ..../2006/02/ - 53 - - : : - , 20 2006 00:00:00 ://.. /2006/01/-----. , , ' ...../?= - - : ...... (://../2006/03/------. ), ' . . ...../ 2006/03/------. - 28 - - : . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , , (://--.. ), (://../) ...../ 2006/02/--1-2-3-4-5. - 22 - - - ... . : , ' ... ' ... ://.../ ...-../++/ - 57 - - , 8 . , .
Yahoo Search Results: 0
MSN Search Results: 11
Search Engine Score: 10

Estimated Base Value: $225.00
Estimated Actual Value: $8,438.00


Don't ask me what the gobbledy gook in the middle is. I'm still digging on that bottom line.

If you haven't read/seen THE DA VINCI CODE (and want to), you may want to skip this next link. It's a breakdown on how the Da Vinci Code doesn't work. If you've already read/seen or (or have no plans to), please, let me ruin it for you.

This t-shirt site has a few that would make fabu gifts for your loved ones (or even your humble Oral Reporter).

I got a kick out of quite a few of them (especially some of the political satire options), but I've only included the one to the right, for obvious reasons.

In another story of 'nice' guys finish last. This news story of a thief whose help took one more child molester off the streets was difficult to read. Hard to feel sorry for a criminal, but you will.

Okay, that last won't do much to lighten things up, but maybe the rest will. As I'm busier than a box full of kittens, it'll have to be enough to keep you occupied. Have a fun one, gang!

P.S. - Mike Norton, one of these days I'm gonna send you the email I keep promising you. Honest Injun.


Blogger MJ Norton said...

No fear! I haven't even weighed in on the idea of absolute truth, and am sufficiently tired that I don't even know if I'm going to post anything about today's trip to Ellis & Liberty Islands before the weekend.

Some fun links here, I may make use of a few of them soon.

5/23/2006 7:32 PM  
Anonymous WHAK'd said...

Similar image & sign generators on ;)

5/28/2006 9:51 AM  

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