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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Links A'Plenty

Here's some stuff to keep you all surfing safely away from the SG drama-fest. Tighten your safety straps, though. I'm all over the place today!

Sci-Fi Science is a site that explores the true science behind science fiction. Written by scientists, they look at the serious side and then they have a more fun section as well.

While we're on sci-fi, here's the obligatory "one for Tony Collett". A Yoda backpack!

The photo of the rare tree octopus lured me right into this site. Believe it or not, I'd never even heard of these animals. Simply amazing.

The Worldwide Blessing Generator takes a multi-denominational approach to blessing you. Everytime you load the site, you are supposed to get a new blessing. Here's what mine said today:

May Wisdom and Happiness compete to see which can do you the greatest favor,
and you will display a heart of boundless love for all creation.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Share and accept.

These guys are making an effort to honor the victims of 9/11 on September 11, 2006. All 2996 of them. This is not an effort to point fingers or talk about the tragedy itself. It is an opportunity to talk about the individuals themselves. I happen to think that's worthwhile. If you're interested in participating, let them know and they will send you a name and put you on their list.

We have TONS of old broken pc's sitting around our office. When I saw this site, I was boggled...I mean it, all the great ideas. My favorite, hands down, was the hamster cage. (Curse you Blogger for not letting me post pictures!!)

I had to chuckle, just a little, when I saw news today of Nestle' buying Jenny Craig. Talk about shutting up the detractors. Of course, Nestle' isn't just chocolate, but I think most of us make that association. Juxtaposed with the Jenny Craig Weight-Loss System, it just makes some odd bed-fellows. And they're not even in the beltway.

While I'd have LOVED to have posted a few pics on this entry, Blogger is being a huge doodyhead and won't let me. Consequently, you get nuthin' in that department!

Lastly, I want to send some late 'Happy Father's Day' wishes to ALL the dads out there, but particularly Mike Norton (who could use a little love this week) and Mark Gibson (who is crazy enough to be actually considering a road trip to River City in a few weeks). My girls had a few special surprises for Highlander when they got back from their dad's last night. I don't think he was expecting anything, but they're sweet kids and they love him.


Anonymous L.C. said...

Cool stuff--thanks for the links : )

6/19/2006 6:24 PM  

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