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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Catch the Wave

Waves of nausea, that is.

While flipping channels last night, H and I caught part of a Fox News interview with a White House anti-terrorism advisor (who reminded me, for all the world, of a brunette version of Ainsley Hayes). She was regaling the interviewer with the news flash that Al Qaeda is keeping a close eye on the upcoming U.S. elections.

Um...yeah...there's a surprise. Our country is working at putting an end to their way of life, and they have an interest in keeping up with what we're doing. Who'd a guessed it?

Anyway, she mentioned the effect the Al Qaeda had had in the Spanish elections in 2003. (The republicans are concerned that an increase in terrorism by Al Qaeda this close to the election will "influence" voters towards democrats. Gee, I don't remember them being so concerned about having a U.S. election hijacked when Iran did virtually the same thing in 1980.)

Are they really trying to spin this thing out AGAIN? She wasn't wearing a tee shirt that said "Democrats STAY HOME on November 7th" or anything, but the message was pretty clear.

Gee, maybe they're more worried than they're letting on.

Or maybe, even better, they don't feel the rigged voting machines (and if you haven't seen HBO's special, try to catch's truly the scariest movie I've seen in some time) will be enough to win them another election.

One can only hope.

::deep breath:: I love the smell of Fear and Desperation in the morning...


Blogger MJ Norton said...

It's wretched, isn't it?

I haven't written about it as yet, but I've been coming up against more and more of the parrots of right wing talk radio/ Fox news junkies who bounce between how so much good is happening over in Iraq and how this whole death problem is somehow a recent thing, that it was going so well but the terrorists are primarily trying to influence the elections. To their way of thinking a vote for the Bush administration/ the current GOP control is a punch in the face of al Qaida, and that if that were to happen the terrorists would lose heart. Indeed, a Democratic win will without doubt be blamed by these people as a large part of the reason for US deaths after the election. They will see a Democratic win as a validation for the killings in the eyes of the terrorists/insurgents, and so an encouragement to keep up the effort.

Earlier today I tossed up a brief post about vote fraud. My hope is that enough things are being brought to the fore that it will make it more difficult to get away with the same tricks. However, these are true believers -- some of these people believe that everything from the American Way of Life to God's kingdom on Earth are on the line, and those ends justify any means.

11/05/2006 10:41 AM  

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