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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sphygmomanometers Gone Wild!

Well, gang, I'm entirely too busy to post. (Which sucks for me, as I do so love to blabber at you people!) Stuff in my world, with a couple of my kids actually, has me tied up in knots.

Fighting with those who would stand in the way of my daughter's treatment for her recent injury, and I'm CERTAIN that the sphygmomanometer would reflect the damage, as I've been madder than a wet hen for having to work so hard to get BASIC INFORMATION from people who lie to me and tell me that if there's "anything they can do", and then spend hours and hours refusing to...augh...nevermind.

Anyway, things are progressing and I'm hoping to have something more interesting than this crap up here soon! Likely some links.

Thanks for all the support!! Back to the deep breathing exercises and sounds of the ocean...;)


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