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Monday, May 07, 2007

Reports of My Death Have Been Largely Exaggerated...

I've been sick.

If you could see the pile of used tissues all around my computer, you'd argue that I may still be sick.

I started to post an obituary, but Highlander rarely sees the humor in such things. (He's such a "no fun" sometimes...)

Bronchitis is not cool.

Especially for old people.

Tuesday night and Wednesday were the worst. I could barely breathe. My chest and back were both hurting and breathing, coughing, ANYTHING made me hurt.

Many, many meds and a few days later, I'm feeling much better. I'll still be on the recovery roster for a few more days, but now I'm mostly dealing with expelling the 300 lbs. of mucus that has inhabited my body (sorry, it's gross, I know), and trying to get some strength back. I seem to only be able to work at something for a short period before needing a break. Also, bending down (ie: retrieving something from a lower cabinet) causes me to go rather dizzy. Well, more than normal anyway.

Highlander has been an excellent worry wart nurse and he's taken very good care of me.

Which is more than nice.

We ventured out to a bookstore yesterday and picked up a great lot of stuff. A $100 giftcard (which was a wedding present) netted Highlander 5 new paperbacks for his "in stack", a new Stephen King short story compilation (I've given up on him with novels, but maybe, just maybe, he can still pull off the short stories), a cookbook, a CD of the greatest hits of Kansas (which I've been enjoying thoroughly and Highlander's been tolerating well), and lastly...SEASON SIX OF BUFFY!!!!!

That's right. It's sitting in my living room, right now. But it'll be a bit before I've got time to watch it. Throughout the illness, there was much DEADWOOD. We're moving pretty swiftly through the third season now, though. And we've got some WESTWING DVD's on tap next. Soooo, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to see Buffy, but it's in our house. The house that HIGHLANDER and I share.

That's probably all the nose-rubbing I should do. After all, as I said, he's been a real sweetheart while I've been sick.

My teens are driving me batty and the little one is recovering from tonsilitis (did you know that they don't just yank the bad ones anymore?), but they are all at their dad's this week.

Gotta go do some planting at my mom's Saturday. (Subject to weather, of course. We're supposed to be getting a good deal of rain towards the end of the week.)

Every year, the girls and I plant all the pots on her porch and put some annuals in the little flower bed in front of her house. It's my Mother's Day gift to her. I suppose she'd like cut flowers, but I remember how much she loved having them in the yard when I was a girl (and she was a little younger).

In the past, I've considered just giving her flats of plants, but it's a big job to get all the planting done and I hate turning a gift into a job. Sooooo, for the past twenty years, I guess, I've planted her porch and yard for her. If she keeps up with the watering, it'll last her into September.

Sunday, I'm hoping to take it easy and spend some time with the kiddies.

If I make it that long, I should be in good enough shape to enjoy the weekend. Thanks for checking on me, Gang. I've been trying to keep up with all of you.

Even from the grave...;)


Blogger AaA said...

Well, like I said earlier, it was weeks before I flew down, but, just in case, sorry if anythign I carried down there caused you to fall ill.

5/08/2007 8:10 PM  
Blogger SuperWife said...

You didn't seem sick...but I suppose you could have been a carrier. Typhoid Nate, huh?...LOL

Don't sweat it, Dude. I'm pretty sure I got it from Highlander...just before the germ mutated. It turned into tonsilitis before I gave it to [Kid 3].

Still not in great shape, but getting there.

5/08/2007 9:48 PM  

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