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Friday, October 12, 2007

Reflections From the Other Side of a Particularly Long Weekend

Howdy, Gang! Busy the last couple days catching things up at work (thus the apologies). After my regular half-day Friday, the standard weekend, and then throwing in a couple va-ca days Monday and Tuesday, things were a little piled up at the office.

Much as I'd love to share leisurely stories of sauna naps and reading racy novels while sipping mulled cider under the shade of an autumn colored oak, my days were filled to brimming with a good deal of "mom-bizness". Nature of the beast, I suppose. Honestly, as tiring as it gets sometimes, I know I wouldn't trade this temporary gig for anything. Primarily because I realize just how temporary a gig it is.

In any event, the two younger kids were out of school Friday, Monday and Tuesday. The timing worked well for a camping trip with their dad. At least for the younger two. [Kid 1] was working all weekend.

Friday, Nate, D, [Kid 1] and I had planned to catch a matinee of RESIDENT EVIL flick. Within minutes of when we were planning to leave to head to the theatre, I got a call from downtown about a problem at the building. Which, of course, completely derailed the train to Funsville. D and I went and straightened it out, but upon our return, it was clear that there would not be time for [Kid1] to join us before she had to get to work. Quite disappointing.

However, we made our way as quickly as we could to a theatre on the other side of the river (as it was the last one still showing the film at a time we could catch for matinee prices). While it was not a film I, myself, would have elected to see, it was fun to spend the time with people I enjoy spending time with. Having no history with either the video game or the previous incarnations of this series, I had to be spoon fed a few details. But, honestly, very few.

There were some pretty spectacular special effects and the action just kept on coming. Though I will say that watching zombies eating flesh vastly diminishes the amount of popcorn you want to eat. Also, what is with a movie theatre that sells those yummy pretzel bites...but no mustard? Cretins.

The movie was late enough that we were destined to hit rush hour traffic back across the bridge (an unpleasant reality), so we opted to explore a little in Southern Indiana. Hitting a little geek shop we have been to before, and a Hobby Lobby we haven't. Then taking Nate to one of our favorite local restaurants for a deeply delicious Italian dinner.

Saturday was full of grocery shopping and domestic stuff. Though Saturday evening brought some interesting role-playing that teetered on the edge of ruin all night, but luck was with us 'til the end and the results were a whoooooole lotta loot!! Sad that it's only the virtual variety. But fun, nonetheless. (I suppose pretend shopping is all I can afford right now.)

Sunday had the kids returning from their camping trip, though I got a call late afternoon advising that they would be late as my ex had some vehicular difficulties that were proving the better of him. One of the others in the party brought the kids back, a little late, but none the worse for wear. Well...except that [Kid 3] had a nice scrape on her face from a minor fall the first day. In happy news, she spent the entire weekend in fairly close proximity to a rather large dog (owned by her aunt and uncle) and seemed to be dealing with it well. Slow going, but we’re getting there.

Unfortunately, I’d cooked a huge supper (as I usually do on Sunday night), but because they were running so late, they’d picked up something and eaten it in the car on the way home. Netting me oodles of leftover chicken stir-fry and fried rice. Poor Nate. Relegated to leftover guy, once again.

On Monday, I went and talked to [Kid 3]'s teacher about some issues she's been having with scary ghost stories. Apparently, she's a little frightened of ghosts and some of the other kids, acting like kids do at that age, are taking the opportunity to take advantage of telling her much more horrific tales and insisting they are true. It's caused a great deal of fear from what are, effectively, terrorist mind games.

Anyway, the teacher said she'd be more attentive to the situation and we're hoping it helps. In all honestly, [Kid 3], who has begun to realize this is just something the other kids are doing to scare her, is rockin' some serious backbone these days. Not gonna let 'em work HER like that. That's my girl!!

Later in the afternoon, we met with a second periodontist about her impending gum graft. I like this guy FAR more than the first one we saw. The fact that my out of pocket cost to use him is about $125 less is just icing on the cake. (Although cake icing and dental procedures probably shouldn't be used together.) In any event, we have scheduled the procedure for next month and I'm hoping that it goes smoothly. D, in his infinite want to provide for these children has already put the money aside for the procedure and I'm very grateful for that. Primarily, as my ex is getting further and further behind in his financial responsibilities for them. (Anyone remember when I was thinking I just couldn't garnish his child support? How lucky I am that I didn't talk myself out of that one or I'd be in much worse shape now.)

Monday night we stayed up ENTIRELY too late playing, of all things, Scrabble. It was, without a doubt, the worst game of my life. I didn't draw a single vowel for five turns (including one turn in which I turned in letters for a redraw). This could have been due, in part, to the fact that both D and [Kid 2] were hoarding ALL vowels. Nate, in vast contrast, played out his entire tray on the first turn.

After far too little sleep, [Kid 2] and I set out the next morning for a campus tour of one of the colleges she is considering attending. The biggest of the three she wants to look at, we spent a couple hours walking the campus, looking at classrooms, dorm rooms, the magnificent library and workout facility, and then meeting with the recruiter for the College of Education there on campus. [Kid 2] wants to be a high school math teacher. She advised us on what needed to be done for [Kid 2] to be admitted in the program, gave us some ideas on financial aid options, some of the education options at that school, and some very eye-opening advice on things she needs to be doing between now and graduation.

It was an excellent trip, though. (A couple more are already in the works.) And I was delighted to share it the time with her. [Kid 1] was far more indecisive and is certainly not the plan ahead kinda gal. She's clearly happy where she is, but it was a struggle (all at the last minute, too) to get her started. [Kid 2] is doing it quite a bit differently. Funny how different they are as people. With my sociology background, it's always so very interesting to me.

The story is that D and [Kid 3] made chocolate chip cookies and then, with Nate in tow, all became Toys 'R Us kids in my absence. So they had a good day, too. And that's mostly worn off the boys by now. But not completely.

By Tuesday night, though I was pretty exhausted and had a pretty lazy evening spent primarily dozing. I really MUST learn how to operate a restful vacation day one day. In any event, that's the haps. Back to your regularly scheduled slack time...already in progress.


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