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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Skool's Out For Summer!

Things around here are simply bustling. Okay, that may be an exaggeration. But there's a unmistakeable excitement in the air! And my normally sleepy-headed youngsters were practically bounding out the door this morning, smiles plastered on their faces, in a skip-trot maneuver that I rarely see at 6AM.

Today is the last day of school, here in River City. Poignant, yes. Bittersweet, yes. Somehow, they seem to age more (in my eyes) by grade progression, than they do by their actual years. It doesn't make sense. But for some reason, me saying, "I have a high school junior, a high school freshman and a kindergartner." makes more of an impact on my brain, than me saying "My kids are 16, 15 and 6."

Tomorrow, if the fates are good to me, I'll have a high school senior, a high school sophomore and a first grader. The senior and first grader are shoe-ins. The sophomore...well...she's had a tough year. Despite being in the advanced program and having all the smarts she needs to manage that, she failed two classes the first semester of her freshman year. To be passed along to tenth grade, she needs to pass every class this semester. English is right on the line. So, send a little positive energy to [Kid 2], she could use all the help she can get.

And while we're on the subject of [Kid 2], she has been making remarkable progress with managing her trichotillomania. She hasn't pulled her hair, at all, in weeks. Between the finally finalized custody changes (which, despite the still too frequent flare-ups, have dramatically reduced the stress) and the constant wearing of the hat, she is doing SO well. Thanks to everyone whose thoughts and well-wishes helped seal that deal. All kinds of new hair growing in (though it's brunette and she'd bleached the rest...heh, it's a look) and the bald spots should be filled in completely in another several weeks. Certainly by the start of school next fall.

Speaking of school, next fall, both [Kid 2] and [Kid 3] will be starting new schools. All the kids have been going to schools fairly far from our apartment. [Kid 1]'s school is walking distance to her dad's house and, as she's a senior (and already has her class ring, etc., etc.) she wants to stay at that school. Since she is in the Honors program, our system will allow her to go to which ever school in the city she wants and will provide bus transportation for her to do so. It just means, she'll continue the 5AM wake-up time to get where she needs to be.

When [Kid 2] started high school, she had wanted to go to the school in the neighborhood where we are now. Because she was in the Advanced program, she was eligible to do so, however, there were no available spots left in their program for students transferring in, and she ended up at a school in my old neighborhood. Now, because she's in the original school's actual neighborhood, she has a more "legitimate" claim to a spot and cannot be turned down. She's pretty excited about it. It's one of the premiere high schools in town and has a HUGE arts department. She plays in the orchestra, so that will be a great thing for her. This school also has the biggest foreign languages program in town and, along with that, the largest population of foreign exchange students. Along with the standard Spanish, French, German and Latin, this school offers Chinese and Russian. And all of that interests her greatly. I'm sure the transition will bring with it some stress, but I'm hoping the excitement of finally getting into the school she wants will overshadow that.

[Kid 3]'s current school is in her dad's neighborhood. In fact, it's a mile or so beyond his house. Her new school is about two or three miles from our place. Hooray!! The old school was a newer facility, but it had no playground. The new school is an older facility (and it has kind of an old-fashioned flavor to it that I love) and has not one but TWO playgrounds, and a baseball field (that doesn't appear to get much use). She's going to miss some friends, but she's definitely one to make new friends easily. When she came home from school yesterday, she said, "Mommy, I told EVERYbody about my new school." and was practically bubbling over.

I need to go to both of the new schools tomorrow to get each of them registered. That way, they can be in the system before the new year starts in the fall, which will actually be more important for my high schooler than it will for my first grader.

In any event, that's on tap for tomorrow. Along with a trip to the post office. And, given the busy plans for the long weekend, probably the grocery shopping for the week, too. Gads, could this post get any more boring. Well, if I talked about darning socks, it'd be getting close.

Plans for the long weekend include a day trip to Mammoth Caves to do a little spelunking, a cook-out in the park, a visit with some family that will be down from New York and, of course, a trip to the theater to see X-Men III, which opens tomorrow. As I'm the only one working at all on Friday (and I'm only putting in four hours), it will be a virtual four day weekend for the entire fam, and clearly it will be packed with four day weekend-y goodness. The stuff of dreams, that is.

Now, one last thing before I get out of here, please stop by Mark Gibson's blog and give him shit. I mean large heaping helpings of shit. APPARENTLY, his wife has been blogging for over a month and he JUST TODAY sprang that gem on us. Okay, okay, maybe he was concerned that she'd be telling his deep, dark secrets and wanted to keep them that way. Maybe he is ashamed of us. Maybe he wanted to let her have her own space. Maybe he's been REALLY busy and just got around to it. (Though in contrast, he announced my blog within like two days of me starting it.) Whatever the case, his wife is a lovely woman and good blogger and he's a bad, bad monkey for keeping this from us for so long.

Whilst I'm bitching, let me just say "Taylor Hicks"?!?!? WTF are you people thinking?!?!? One of our local dj's around here has named Hicks' loyal followers (of which he included himself) Taylor Trash. 'Nuff said.


Anonymous L.C. said...

I just wrote an end of the school year post too!

And I agree--Taylor should NOT have won!

5/25/2006 12:36 PM  
Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

Feh. Cell phones are wasted on these people.

Husband called it right, I think: Taylor will be a one-hit wonder and will be singing the National Anthem at NASCAR races and Katherine will go on to have a stellar career.

5/25/2006 3:37 PM  
Blogger Highlander said...

Chris should have won.

All else is nonsense.

But certainly, Taylor should have been sent home much, much earlier in the game... before any of the much more talented black chicks were.

What can you do? Such is democracy... especially when you rig it by advertising demographic.

5/26/2006 5:54 AM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

LC -

I suppose it's hard to argue that an end of the school-year post is topical right now. Thanks for sharing yours, too.

Opus -

Perhaps a general referendum.

Anyone Who Voted For Taylor Hicks On American Idol (Any Week) MUST Turn In Their Cellphone Within The Next Three Business Days While Hanging Their Head In Shame And Being Pelted With Rotten Tomatoes And Kicked In The Shins.

H -

I liked several of them, but I really did like Chris' voice. I thought Katherine's voice was very lovely, too. And, yes, Mandisa and Paris were great. Elliot and Taylor making it to the top 3 was a travesty and makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing watching this shit. Even more than I already wonder, I mean. confirmation word..fookhitt. As [Kid 2] would say "Exaaaaactly."

5/26/2006 9:31 AM  

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