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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Girl Power!

As a woman, and as a mother of three daughters, female empowerment has always been something near and dear to my heart. Consequently, when I ran across a couple links, recently, I did a little "RIGHT ON!" at my computer and then thought sharing them would be passing along the power. And that's a good thing. Right?

Personally, I adore facial hair on a man. Apparently, however, there are women out there who find it offensive. And not just a LITTLE offensive, either. Offensive to the point of taking action. An organization of women called "No Scruf" has declared that they won't shave until the men do. Not my thing, but, then again, I just need the one man. The rest of them can shave. I don't care.

More seriously, at least in my mind, is the "Real Hot 100". This is a list of 100 women making a difference. And I will be sending this link to my own daughters for inspiration. Not only are smart women hot, they make the world a better place for everybody. These women have done things from artistic endeavors to creating and utilizing biofuels to political activism to aeronautics to social work to medical breakthroughs. The thing that really amazed me was the list of accomplishments that most of these women had made at such a young age.

Rock on, Chicks!!

Need something to get fired up about? A cause to get behind? Wanna be in the next Real Hot 100? Do something about this stuff. Do it now. Please.


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