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Friday, October 20, 2006

At least Four Hundred Words...

I'm still working on a Flashback Friday! this morning, but, in the meantime, I've run across several photography links of interest lately and wanted to share them. Sooooo, in the meantime, I'm hoping they are worth enough words to buy me a little more time on this weeks' Flash! I'll be back as soon as I can. Honest Injun!

Some nice photos of non-celebrity look-a-likes. One American. One European. No relation to each other. Some of them are pretty uncanny. The site is pretty slow, though.


He said "jump"...and they said "how high"...and then he took their picture. Some unusual photographs by Latvian Philippe Halsman. Jerry Lewis you could expect, but Richard Nixon? Yeah, Baby.

Action Figure Photography

My ex used to spend a great deal of time setting up Hotwheels outside and photographing them in an attempt to make them look like a full-sized vehicle. Some attempts were more successful than others. Edward Lee does something similar with action figures. Some of them with rather amazing skill.

Tabloid Photos from the 30's/40's/50's

These photos (and captions) from tabloids dating from the mid-30's until 1961 give you a little window into the seamy side of history. Like the woman who asked someone for money and when he didn't give it to her, she killed him. Or the man (hiding his face in the photo) arrested while wearing women's clothing...big news back then.

Lords of Logistics

Some pretty improbable things. Most of them done on two wheels.

Worth 1000

Photoshopping celebrity mugshots. Okay, I can see some fun to be had here...


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