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Friday, October 13, 2006

Let's Be Careful Out There!

In case you missed it on your calendar, today is Friday the 13th. Most of my regular readers need not worry, but there are a couple out there who may want to boost their karma a little today. I thought I'd share a good idea to help in that regard. (Since there's no Flashback Friday! today, it's the least I can do. The very least, actually.)

Operation Paperback is a non-profit organization that collects and ships gently used books to U.S. troops overseas. If you have any second-hand books lying around, it's a very worthy cause. And it's certainly a good way to support the troops without supporting the war...especially since everyone I know has a book or two lying around that they could send. In fact, you don't even have to do it because it's Friday the 13th.

For a little history on the significance of Friday the 13th, try this link. While I'm not the superstitious type, it does give me just a tweak to know that the Friday the 13th that started this ball rolling was an October 13th. Though I can say (with no hesitation) that I've never fallen prey to a Friday the 13th mishap. ::furiously rubbing lucky rabbit's foot while knocking on wood::

I used to have some friends who religiously watched FRIDAY THE 13TH (or any of it's derivatives) on those certain dates. Generally speaking, there was some alcohol involved.

According to their schedule, HBO doesn't plan to cooperate until after midnight. Consequently, you may have to rely on your local broadcasting to help you out here. Or, you know, Blockbuster or Hollywood Video may be able to help you out. I've only ever seen the first two and was amazed to learn that despite #4 being the "Final Chapter", there are now TEN movies in this franchise.

For those of you thumbing your nose at such things, you can send a Friday the 13th e-card via this link.

Of course, this could all be the build up for the biggest Friday the 13th of all. In which case, hiding in bed all day won't do you a damn bit of good.

Try to have a fun day, now. But, seriously, let's be careful out there...


Blogger AaA said...

Um, if you count the cross-over movie, 'Freddy vs. Jason' there are now eleven movies in the Jason franchise.

I always like Freddy better.

10/16/2006 10:11 AM  

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