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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Guest Post From 'Martha'

Now, I realize most of you have tuned in for your weekly dose of Flashback Friday! (You people really SHOULD get out more.) Unfortunately, SF is on...let's call it...sabbatical. I'm sure she'll be back around in the next few days (or a week, tops). With the holidays upon us, it's been necessary for me to fill in.

Any 'Flashbacks' I could share with you would have to do with prison stories and I doubt any of you would want to hear them anyway. Mostly, SG just wanted to stick SOMEthing up here to let people know that down here in River City, we're alive and well.

With the upcoming holidays, it was inevitable that I'd show up for a visit. Add in a kick-off visit from the Collett's for a birthday week (Highlander's and Tony's, btw) and, hey, there's much to be done and SF is only so qualified to handle this type of situation. 'This' is a job for Martha!

Tonight is a big grocery shopping night, complete with plenty o' groceries for the weekend guests and the final touches for our Thanksgiving meal. Throwing a pot of chili on in a bit and there's a birthday cake already in the oven, even as I type.

Of course, there'll be some final cleaning to be done and a little food prep (likely in the morning), but it should be a nice birthday weekend around here. Oh, and Highlander's friend, Bane, is stopping by, too.

So, basically, there's just no time for a Flashback, today. There's beds to be made and floors to be swept and, well, chit chatting with you guys on the computer just isn't going to get any of that done.

Look for a couple of 'birthday posts' coming up soon, but prior to that...likely not much. Have a great weekend!! Do something 'crafty', okay?




Blogger Tony Collett said...

Uh, it doesn't have macaroni or anything from the pasta family, does it? That wouldn't be a good thing.

11/17/2006 12:42 PM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Well, my kids like spaghetti in it (a southern thing, I think), but I don't mix it in. I serve it separately. That's dinner tonight, though.

Tomorrow night Martha has lasagna, garlic bread and salad on the menu.

11/17/2006 2:42 PM  
Blogger AaA said...

Bah. Why did I have to worry about paying stupid rent? I could have lived on your back porch, and lived well off dumpster-diving.

Grr...stupid money.

11/17/2006 9:47 PM  
Blogger Your Girl Friday said...

Please send her to my place!!! She is much needed... just ask that big white thing in my kitchen... i think it's called an oven...

11/19/2006 11:32 PM  

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