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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

News and Views

Lately, my sphygmomanometer's been pegging a bit, if you know what I mean. Outside sources interfering with our happy little wedding plans and our harmonious household. It's sad, really, that people can't just move on and get on with their own lives.

These outside sources keep loading up the karma cannon and every time they fire it, they seem to get blasted in the face. This time will be no different. ::sigh:: They never learn.


My youngest ex brother-in-law had a profound difficulty understanding that there were consequences for his actions. I'd wager it's still a lesson he hasn't quite mastered. It would appear that others are having similar difficulties.

It's a shame that it's so difficult for Christians to see the value of honesty and respect. Moreso, that parents who devalue those things are modeling that behavior for children and propogating the uglier side of humanity. Christian parents, who are taking extra steps to instill the teachings of Christ to those same children, when clearly, they have not grasped the lessons themselves.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's see if I can bore you with something else.

Wedding stuff is moving along well. The biggest checkmark on the list of late is that wedding invitations have been put in the mail. Highlander did an EXCELLENT job with them and I am delighted in how they turned out!

My homemade cake topper is coming along well, too. I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait for everyone to see it!!

All in all, everything in that regard is coming along nicely. Those of you in the know have recently gotten some cool information that I hope is both fun and helpful for you!

We're prepping for some out of town guests who are coming for a visit in about a week and a half! The Colletts and the Gibsons have agreed to make the trek southward again and we plan to go see GHOST RIDER some time over the weekend and everyone seems to want to hit up some of the local restaurants. There's sure to be a little gaming going on as well. Highlander and I are greatly looking forward to a fun time! I don't think any of us are holding out hope that GHOST RIDER will be a great film, though. If MJ or AaA have the time off and a little extra cash, you're both certainly welcome to tag along as well.

Highlander was lucky enough to have tomorrow off as his regular floating day this week. It has opened up the opportunity of a romantic date for us on Valentine's Day! You should have seen how excited he was about it. Truth be told, I was pretty happy, too. Soooo, we have plans to go to a little neighborhood restaurant that we both really like that also has some romantic history for us. I made the reservation yesterday and have picked up a little something to give him. (No, I will not divulge it here.)

All in all, it should be a nice day!

My girls come home on Saturday and it won't be a minute too soon. I'm missing them something awful. Plus, the trash totally needs to be taken out.

No. No. It's not that I'm missing them because they are slave labor. Cross my heart.

Really busy at work, but am hoping to get a couple things up here before the weekend. Sorry 'bout your luck.


Blogger MJ Norton said...

I know the Valentine's date will go well, so all the best in getting work out of the way so you can get to it.

While Ghost Rider isn't riding high on my list of Must Do items, with the three-day President's Day weekend coming up I may end up out to see it. If I post anything about it I'll be sure to keep all the spoilage (be it my revelations or something gone funky in the film itself) hidden from casual view.

For today, though, we're staying inside here in Eagleville.

2/14/2007 11:41 AM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Thanks for keeping the spoilage to a minimum on GHOST RIDER, Mike. (Not that I think it will make a great deal of difference.)

Hope you're enjoying the turkey leftovers and snowman building...

2/15/2007 8:04 AM  

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