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Monday, March 05, 2007

A Blog-By

When did Monday sneak in on me? The whole weekend was a blur! And the insanity seems to have careened into the start of the work week, as well!!

I'll offer a few notes of interest, and my assurances (cross my heart), that I'll be back soon to do a better job sharing the woolliness that is my life with all you fools folks that think it's cool to live vicariously through me.

This past weekend was a whirlwind of kid stuff that had the ol' sphygmomanometer spinning like a compass in the Bermuda Triangle. [Kid 1] had a state singing competition (where she participated in a solo performance as well as a duet), and [Kid 3] had a movie night at school, a lunch date on Friday with her favorite Highlander, a birthday party for a fellow girl scout troop member, and, of course, delivering the acursed cookies. [Kid 2] and I found some mother/daughter time and that was quite nice. But, as I said, I'm not doing any of it justice right now. I'll be back, though.

Before I get out of here, though, let me note that the Colletts, Grade A eggs that they are, sent us a couple free tickets to go see 300. It was in the way of a 'Thank You' for putting them up at our place during a recent visit...and, I suppose, for not fixing pot roast whilst they were here...;) Ahhh, pot roast, an ever-present threat. You know...I really should be serving pot roast at the wedding reception. I suppose it will have to be on tap for our Sunday dinner afterwards. Just to keep the tradition going. (Sorry, 'bout your luck, Nate.) Anyway, it was an incredibly sweet gesture and I'm definitely looking forward to going!

Okay, a few things I need to wrap up around here and then off into a hectic evening schedule, too. In fact, the next couple days will be ramped up pretty well, day and night! Catch you soon. Honest Injun.


Blogger AaA said...

Uh, I am a Yankee, ma'am, so pot roast is right up, ah says right up mah alley.

(Nice 'old broad', but about as sharp, ah say, as sharp as a sack of wet mice.)

3/12/2007 10:38 AM  

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