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Monday, May 21, 2007

You Oughta Be in Pictures!

I suppose, somewhere in here, there may be a Flashback Friday! But, from a Monday point of view, it’s just a Rambling Recollection of sorts.

The kids had their overnight weekend visit with their dad this past weekend. [Kid 1] got photos from the disposable camera she took with her to prom developed and was eager to show them to me when she got home. (Which is always pretty sweet!)

Not so much that it evoked memories of my own prom, but more the way I used to cut up with my friends. Seems so long ago, now. I could pull out my own pics and show her and I don’t think she’d be surprised. It’s something we both share.

Looking at the photos, I just smiled seeing pics of her and her friends "posing". A lifetime ago, I did the same things. Seeing how goofy or outrageous we could get. With or without the additional element of alcohol.

Somewhere, there are pics of me with really long hair and one of my girlfriends, on a whim, festooning my entire head with clothespins. They just happened to be lying around and she got started and it just got sillier and sillier. And then, of course, someone had a camera.

I recall one of me, in a group shot, with one of these on my 19 year old head. (In fact, I think I own that one.) Or the weird clothes (even for the 80's, I mean.) I was just “that kid”. Make ‘em laugh, you know.

One of several of us in our homemade togas, during homecoming week. Though why we are posed as Eqyptians escapes me.

Props seem to feature prominently in many of these photos as well. A piece of rope that became a hangman’s noose and two of us seated (pictured paddling, btw) in a canoe that was on dry ground. Oh, what cards we were!

At some point, I became a grown up. Oh, that doesn’t mean that there are NEVER pics of me in such circumstances beyond my teen years. (Our wedding photographer has a ‘gem’ of me at the reception, last month, doing a finger gesture to suggest I’m shooting myself…the stress was a little overwhelming.) Just, you know, not as much. Like the leg warmers and parachute pants in the bottom drawer, these things just got cast aside.

Or, you know, the flirty ones, where you're draped suggestively all over some guy strictly for the purposes of making a provocative picture.

That girl is still in there...somewhere... Sometimes, I think she's buried pretty deeply. Other times, she makes an appearance (though not so much on film anymore...;) Nice to know the tradition will continue. Must be a dominant gene, huh?

I do appreciate my kid sharing a chuckle with me. And reminding me of a long ago past.


Anonymous SuperHusband said...

See? I keep TELLing you, you're a goof!

The goof that I adore.


5/22/2007 5:42 AM  

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