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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Another Day At The Park

I took a vacation day from work today. I haven't used many of them this year. A few around the time of the wedding has been it, really. We can't afford to take the kids on a "real" vacation this year. And that's okay. We took them to Florida last fall and to New York in July the year before. This year, we're doing a "local" vacation. Hitting a few of the things that River City has to offer.

Today, we spent some time at our local theme park. I lucked into half-priced tix and we vowed not to get souvenirs, food, or play games. We held pretty well to that. The park also has a pretty nice water park (full of slides, etc.), but we weren't sure the weather was going to cooperate.

But, hooray, it did!!

Here, because I need to get off of here and throw together a late dinner, are the highlights and lowlights.

* The water park was LOADS of fun, with a wave pool and a feature that I overheard another kid call "Lazy River" (which was totally not the name, but describes it so much better than the actual name) that had all of us floating around a little "river" in inner tubes. I didn't chance the water slides, but there were plenty of those, as well.

* The big lowlight was my cellphone got lost. We retraced our steps pretty well, but weren't able to find it. I've filed with the park's lost and found, but I'm not holding out much hope.

* After a pretty dark and gloomy start to the day, the weather broke and the day really was pretty nice.

* [Kid 3] and I riding the (kiddie) rollercoaster together was pretty nice. Coasters, btw, are really not my thing, but she wanted to go and I was happy to be there for her. The bumper cars were pretty fun, too.

All in all it was a fun experience and not terribly expensive little mini-vaca. We've got a few more of these little excursions planned over the next few weeks. With school starting in a couple weeks...that's right, I said a's fleeting before us and I want to hold onto a little more time, if I can.

Hope you guys are enjoying what's left of your summer! Don't let it slip away!!


Blogger AaA said...

Just got back from the Adirondacks. The full story will appear on my blog.

My word is yrdgnz, which sounds a lot like an Yggism.

7/30/2007 10:29 AM  

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