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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

International Day of Peace of the United Nations

Once again, I've been sucked into a meme. I am not one to normally do these, but this one was so easy and I liked the results, so I'm in, and wanted to share. Hey, I'm nothing if I'm not fickle about this stuff.

So, thanks to WEG, I'm playing along. The challenge, if we shall call it that, is to go to Wikipedia, insert your birthday into the search box (excluding the year), and then go to your blog and list three events, three births and three deaths (including the year) that occured on your birthday. The results of the search for my birthday (the International Day of Peace of the United Nations, btw) follow.


* 1780 - Benedict Arnold gives the British the plans to West Point.

* 1937 - J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" is published.

* 1970 - Monday Night Football premieres.


* 1866 - H.G. Wells, English Writer (d. 1946)

* 1912 - Chuck Jones, American Animator (d. 2002)

* 1947 - Stephen King, American Author

* 1950 - Bill Murray, American Actor

(I know that's four. Sue me. There's like a gazillion of them there. It's hard to pick just three. Be glad I didn't list Faith Hill, too.)


* 1776 - Nathan Hale hung by the British as a spy.

* 1832 - Sir Walter Scott, Scottish writer (b. 1771)

* 1904 - Chief Joseph, Nez Perce leader (b. 1840)

* 1974 - Walter Brennan, American actor (b. 1894)

(See note above. Insert Jacqueline Susann in lieu of Faith Hill.)

Okay, gang, go forth into that good night and see what the haps have been on your special day. Or put in some random day. The day you started your blog. The day you got your favorite shoes. The day the hot substitute teacher kept you after class in 8th grade and made a man out of you. Whatever. Let me know if you find anything fun.


Blogger Highlander said...

Heh. How times have changed. In our youth, indeed, the hot sub making a man out of a lucky 8th grader would have simply been the stuff of admiring urban legend. Now the sleazy bitch would be indicted and publicly pilloried, have to find Jesus, and get off with community service and lifetime parole, with the condition that she never work with or be alone with children again. We've come a long way in a couple of decades.

4/26/2006 11:03 AM  
Anonymous tony collett said...

I just posted mine here.

4/26/2006 1:55 PM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Tony -

I redid your comment (making the info you had included into a link). I wouldn't have been so presumptuous, but the long addy was totally jacking up my entry and making it move WAY down the page. Anyway, I hope you don't think ill of me for monkeying with your comment.

H -

Only old people read my blog, so I thought it might apply. And we all know that naughty school teachers shouldn't be doing those things with their kiddies. And if they need to find Jesus to realize it, let 'em get to it!

4/26/2006 1:58 PM  
Blogger FindingHeart said...

Dang, I'm always absent on the wrong day. I guess I missed that day in 8th grade!!! ....hmm, wonder if any subs at school today??? LOL

4/26/2006 3:45 PM  
Blogger Your Girl Friday said...


Haha! Well, I have been told I have an old soul, so you are excused. Kinda.

Great post...

4/26/2006 7:05 PM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Heh...sorry, YGF, I may have one or two youngsters around here. But you guys are the exception.

Yeah, FH, they don't send notes home on those things. They do stress perfect attendance, though. Now you know why. And I thought, with two kids, someone had already made a man out of you somewhere along the line.

(Now comes the barrage of comments about having children does not make one a man. I know it. It's a joke, McGee. Cut me some slack.)

4/26/2006 7:42 PM  
Blogger Carmichael said...

i tried was fun!

4/26/2006 9:04 PM  

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