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Friday, May 26, 2006

Flashback Friday!

Tuesday evening, [Kid 1] and [Kid 3] accompanied me to pick up Highlander from work. As we got there a little early, we were chatting amongst ourselves in the car, and I was kind of absently mulling over a couple things for today's Flashback Friday! in my mind as we chatted. It occurred to me that I could let them pick the story for this week's episode. After all, any "Flashback" they were likely to have, would be my "Flashback", too. Right? Just nod your head and try not to think about it too much.

I, however, thought it was a stroke of brilliance, and so, it prompted this exchange:

Supergirlfriend: Hey, girls, I'm trying to think of something good for Flashback Friday! on my blog. How about if you guys pick the story this week?

(Of course, they were working diligently to stifle their enthusiasm for my plan. It just seemed like a "Boy, you are so lame, Mom." kinda moment. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference. But then my six year old, ever the center of attention, piped up with something.)

[Kid 3]: How about when I lost my first tooth?

(Okay, remember like two seconds ago when I said any "Flashback" they would have, would be one that we would share? That was then. This is now. And this where I've come to eat those words. Isn't that sweet how kids help you do that all the time? [Kid 3] was at her dad's when she lost her first tooth. But, what do you do now? Tell her, "Gee, that story won't work."? She's six. You go with it.)

SG: Okay, but I wasn't there, so you're gonna have to tell me about it.

[Kid 3]: Well, I was cleaning my room and I had to go to the bathroom and I lost my tooth.

(It certainly SOUNDS like one of my Flashback Friday! stories, huh? But, we worked a little on filler.)

SG: Did you bump your mouth on something while you were cleaning your room, or did it come out when you were wiggling it with your tongue?

[Kid 3]: I don't know.

(::sigh:: You see what I have to work with. And this was SUCH a good idea.)

SG: Were you excited, or maybe scared, when it happened?

[Kid 3]: Excited, I guess.

(It was like...pulling teeth...heh. Sorry. But, if you knew how this kid liked to talk, you'd be right here with me.)

SG: So you put the tooth under your pillow, and then did the Tooth Fairy come?

[Kid 3]: I didn't put the tooth under my pillow.

SG: You didn't? Why not?

[Kid 3]: I didn't have it.

(I don't care how long you pause. I tried two minutes. I was looking at my watch and everything. She really didn't feel any elaboration was necessary.)

SG: Why not?

[Kid 3]: I don't know.

SG: Let's see if I understand. The tooth was loose, but at the start of this story it was in your mouth, right?

[Kid 3]: Uh huh.

SG: And you were cleaning your room at your dad's house.

[Kid 3]: Uh huh.

SG: And then you had to go to the bathroom. Am I right so far?

[Kid 3]: Uh huh.

SG: And your tooth was with you, so far, right?

[Kid 3]: I don't know. I think maybe I swallowed it.

(Whew. This is one jacked-up Flashback Friday! Somebody please remind me never to do this again.)

SG: Oh. Well, did the Tooth Fairy come anyway?

[Kid 3]: Yep.

SG: How did she know to come if there was no tooth under your pillow?

[Kid 3]: She just knows when your tooth comes out. I don't think you have to actually put the tooth under the pillow. That's what Dad said.

SG: Well that's pretty cool. That's not the way it worked when I was a kid. The Tooth Fairy sure has changed.

[Kid 3]: That was the olden days Tooth Fairy, Mom.

(You know...I've got TWO spares. I don't HAVE to keep all of these kids. Especially, when they start patronizing me like this.)

SG: Did she leave you a dubloon?

[Kid 3]: A what?

SG: Sorry, I guess that's an olden days thing. What did the Tooth Fairy leave you?

[Kid 3]: Two quarters!

SG: That's great! Do you remember what you spent it on?

[Kid 3]: No.

(The nail-biting action of this Flashback Friday! is something else, isn't it?)

SG: And now you've lost four teeth all together, right?

[Kid 3]: Yeah! And I've got one loose one right now, too.

SG: Before you know it, you'll have a whole mouth full of new teeth! Thanks for sharing that, Sweetie. That's a pretty good story for my Flashback Friday! [Kid 1], do you have anything you want to share? Maybe something unusual, or funny, or scary. Something with dragons or six-legged cats. Anything. Help your Mom out here.

[Kid 1]: Have you told the story about me breaking my weiner off?

SG: Already done.

[Kid 1]: Nevermind then. I don't have anything else.

Let me just say that no children were smothered with pillows during the making of this simply riveting Flashback Friday!, though it was a close call. And no, you cannot have a refund.



Blogger Highlander said...



...yeah. That's the girls, all right.

Six legged cats?


5/26/2006 7:55 AM  
Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

And probably when you're just playing or hanging around watching TV they'll come up with something poetically brilliant!

I got gypped on that Tooth Fairy thing when I was a kid. My dad was (still is) a dentist and he only gave me a quarter!

5/26/2006 11:49 AM  
Anonymous L.C. said...

I was completely enthralled by this post. I laughed, I cried...I'm just kidding. It was cute!

Happy weekend!

5/26/2006 12:09 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Wait a minute. Broke off a weiner?! I must have missed a post. Now I have to go back through all the posts and see what I missed.! AAARRGH. ALso, if you run out of spare children, I have one you can borrow. But I warn you, she is MUCH more verbose. Scathingly so. Luckily, her dad comes in for more of her scathing remarks than I do as she has decided he's a geek.

5/27/2006 5:02 PM  

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