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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Thrill Is Gone?

Here's a couple staggering statistics for you:

Every day, 100,000 new blogs are started. Every day. That amazes me.

Also, every day, 1.3 MILLION blogposts are are written. Now, I'm presuming that these are actually posted, or I'm not sure how they could track that information.

I realize this is a huge outlet, worldwide, but those numbers really impress me. All of that shouting into the void. Telling of tales. All of those people. Astounding.

Ran across this article today, that indicated that blogging is expected to peak mid next year. 200 million of us bloggers have already stopped.

So what are the former bloggers doing with all their time now? While I'm sure none of my favorites are going to need the suggestions, I had just a few thoughts...

#1) Modern Drunkard Magazine has a list of 40 things every drunk should do before he dies.

#2) Start a Black Metal Band. This email exchange will give you invaluable insight on how to get started!

#3) Immerse yourselves in celebrity gossip. Don't come out until you're all pruny. Here are some sites that will help you. The Smoking Gun, Defamer, Gawker and Pink is the New Blog.

#4) Find a job. Get out of your mother's basement and get a life. Here's something to help you get started. You may have to do some minor modifications. Or not. Whether you actually get the job or not, looking for one is still gonna use up some of that extra time you've got now that you're not blogging.

#5) Train for the Olympics! Start slow, and build on your foundation.

Of course, it may just be easier not to quit blogging in the first place. That's my plan, anyway.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, guys!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feh, quitting is for quitters.

12/29/2006 10:21 PM  
Blogger Handsome said...

What he said. Still, occasionally when I'm bored I'll type random URLs into the browser just to see where it will take me. I've discovered doing this that a great many very cool blog names have already been taken, someone did one or two entries back in 2002 or something, and since then, they've apparently been abandoned. Blogging can be a frustrating endeavor when you're looking around and seeing all these blogs that get thousands of hits a day, and dozens of comments per entry, and you can't seem to find your way to that magic attention tunnel.

Nonetheless, I suspect I'll stick with it for a while, too. And I'm very pleased to have been able to facilitate the existence of such a fine blog as this.

1/02/2007 7:49 AM  

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