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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

But...It's MY Money!!!

I'm sure, if you're reading my fiance's blog (and you should be, he's HIGHLY entertaining), that you're entirely familiar with the number of times each (work) day, he is bombarded with angry people demanding to know the whereabouts of their money. It's deducted from their paychecks and put into this mysterious account, but it's still THEIRS, after all. When Highlander's firm helps each of these folks' employers manage the situation and make sure that IRS regs are adhered to, well, the frustrated employees take out their confusion and ignorance on whomever answers the phone. Far too many times, it happens to be my beloved. Which, because he is such a sweet guy, makes me sad. Not that he can't do the verbal equivalent of the Texas Two-Step with any partner, but like me (and my skates), we only choose to do it when we have no other option.

Now all of that has very little to do with my post. (Except, possibly, for the state of mind.) Shocking, huh?

I realize that the IRS, and the various state Revenue Departments, are pushing for electronic filing. Believe you me, I'm ALL about it! So, in mid January, when I pulled up my favorite free tax software and bitched and moaned about MY money (unlike some sicko's I know who actually enjoy this stuff) and the headaches you have to go through to get it back, I veered a little off course.

The federal return was easy enough to file electronically. (The software provider lets you do it for free...which is right in my price range.) But the state return (which was only going to net a refund of $145) was going to cost $12.95 to file electronically.

Oh sure, it would be processed faster. And, yeah, $145 is like a week's worth of groceries at my house. But paying nearly 10% of the refund to have it processed electronically, when I could just take the data, dump it into a form and stick it in the mail for 39 cents, the make far more sense. Even if it did take several weeks, as opposed to several days, to get the money back.

Well, folks, that was January 14th, when I made that tactical error. Well, technically, I guess, mailing it on January 15th, was the clincher on the deal. I knew my much larger federal return would be in my checking account in two weeks (or less)...and it I didn't worry overly.

It's now March 21st and I've seen neither hide, nor hair of MY $145. And it's beyond "starting to piss me off". I mean, if the government was holding my money because I'd been involved in a federal drug sting, I guess I'd be bothered, but I'd understand why. If I owed back child support, or an outstanding student loan, or had a judgement against me, or something like that, ditto.

But none of that is the case.

I called the Department of Revenue today, in an attempt to make sure they'd received it. Somehow, in my mind, I was thinking that maybe it got lost in the mail and I could just go ahead and file it electronically now. But, no. They received it. And they are allowing themselves a leisurely twelve weeks to process paper returns.

UGH!! They're just dicking around with MY MONEY!


That said, I've got about another three weeks before I can expect to see (feel, smell, taste) MY MONEY!

Which is aggravating.

But, I've learned my lesson.

Extortion will do that.

Next year, I'll do things a little differently.

Cross my heart.

I'll cough up the $12.95 to get MY MONEY. Now please don't hurt me.


Blogger Julia said...

You could be like me...I over estimate my exemptions so that I owe money every year.

I figure it's better for me to get an intrest free loan from the government than for me to give them one.

3/23/2007 12:55 PM  
Blogger AaA said...

I've considered doing that, but I really loathe the idea of writing a check to the government, so I never do.

I just estimate my exemptions as closely as possible to the mark, and end up with small refunds.

3/23/2007 3:59 PM  

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