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Thursday, October 25, 2007


That's right, Boys and Girls. It's that time of year again. And because The Oral Report wants all of you to have a Safe and Happy Halloween, here's some important information to help you avoid some pretty nasty stuff out there.

You know the term. You've seen NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 27 times. But do you have the skills and information you need? Think so, huh. Let's see how you do with this quiz.

Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Almost definately of course we can't be certain, but you stand a very good chance. You know enough about the living dead and basic survival to be the leader of the group.Did you pick run a bath, because if you did, good job. You'll need as much water as possible because it's going to get cut.
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Hmmm, okay, okay. Looking good, but here's a short video that could help you improve your odds of survival.

And if that doesn't answer all your questions, this link from How Stuff Works (an excellent source of general information, btw), should give you a much broader picture.

Of course, there is always the option to dress like your attackers to try to throw them off (a'la SHAUN OF THE DEAD). This site has some excellent choices in costumes and accessory items.

Also, not difficult to throw something together yourself, with stuff you may have in your own house!

And don't forget the kiddies!

For added effect, this link may help you with the lingo.

If you feel you need more research, get ye to the video store!! Maybe checking out one (or more) of the titles on this list will give you an idea what you will be dealing with.

Lastly, please don't think this post is all just holiday nonsense. The Oral Report feels it is critical that you, dear, dear readers, are prepared for what may already be a serious threat. No need to thank me...just doing my civic duty! I'm sure that any of you would do the same.

You may also want to note that in the event that you need it, I will not hesitate to cut your head off.

I'm just saying.


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