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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Snapshots From A Memorial Day Weekend


Highlander doing the happy dance when the kids said "We don't WANT to go camping Memorial Day weekend. Too many bugs!"


Taking my youngest daughter into a small part of the 367 miles worth of Mammoth Caves for the first time. She who fears small dark places and high open places and frozen peas. That last one may be more of a dislike than a fear. But, she doesn't like caves. I knew that one as roomy and well-lit as these would be a good starter for her. How well it worked out for her being as short as she is, too! She was brave and inquisitive and I love seeing both of those things in her eyes!


My youngest daughter tying her own shoes for the first time. Beaming as she did it. She's been doing it for about a week now, but during a visit yesterday with my parents and some out-of-town relatives, she was asked how she learned to do it. She replied, "I just practiced it and practiced it." My mom, goading her, said, "But who showed you how?" She looked at me and smiled as she said, "My parents. Mom and Highlander." Only she said Highlander's real name. It was sweet.


The teenagers dressing up to go to the X-MEN movie. I had to go out on Saturday and get temporary white hair color for my oldest, who dressed as Rogue, and some blue gloves for the middle child, who was going as Boom Boom. They were incredibly excited about dressing up, and had a great deal of fun with it. (Afterwards, we came home and made snowcones with our new snowcone machine!)


After driving through a couple of the nicer local parks, looking for an available grill and a picnic table (on Memorial Day...hey we're optimists), settling on the park at the end of our street. No grill (a few of us rushed home and did the quick cooking there, returning with food ready to go), but all three picnic tables were available and [Kid 3] had the entire playground to herself. We picked the table in the shadiest spot (under two big trees), only noting that we'd lucked into such a great deal because this particular park is a rife with squirrel carcasses. Only after we'd just about finished eating did we notice that not five feet from our table in two different directions, were very, very deceased squirrels. Eww.


Wrestling in the living room with my oldest two daughters until we had the hiccups from laughing so hard. They were only saved by the phone ringing. I was certain to be victorious in the tickle fest.


Snuggling with the littlest one in her bed after a long, long car ride. She telling me, "I'm too tired for a story tonight, Mommy...well...maybe I can stay awake long enough for a little one." Helping her into her pj's and tucking her in. Just looking at her and realizing that she's the last baby I have. That she, like her sisters before her, will grow into womanhood far too fast for my liking. I see a little more of it everyday.


Baking a birthday Derby Pie for [Kid 1] who turns 17 tomorrow and would rather have a Derby Pie than any birthday cake you could get.


Somehow, still working out Sunday morning snuggling with Highlander this weekend. Holding each other and cuddling and talking, knowing that all my babes were snoozing soundly just down the hall, and the rest of the world was far, far away. It's the most exquisite feeling there is.

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, too.


Blogger Highlander said...

Aw, baby... ::sniffle::

I had a great weekend too. Thanks.

5/30/2006 5:22 PM  
Blogger MJ Norton said...

After the previous post you had me a little gun-shy about opening any post mentioning snapshots. ;)

5/30/2006 8:26 PM  
Blogger SuperFiancee said...

H -

Thanks to you, Sweetie!

Mike -

You made me laugh out loud. I TOLD you, I deleted that email.

5/30/2006 8:56 PM  
Blogger AaA said...

Spent mine working. Even got some overtime Sunday, 12 hours. Then I used some of my remaining vacation time to get Monday off. I did nothing but play Warcraft in my air-conditioned room the whole day. It was wonderful! Like playing hooky, I'd imagine.

5/31/2006 11:38 PM  

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