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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Feeling a Little...Anxious...

Here's a little taste of what my life is like these days...

Over the weekend, I finished up a couple nagging wedding projects that had been giving me fits. Oh, I'm not done with wedding a long shot...but that's two more things off the list. (In fact, yesterday, I marked a couple more off the list, too...but there's still like twenty things on the list and LESS THAN THREE WEEKS TO DO THEM!!!)

In addition to the wildness that is pulling together a wedding (even when you actually have the help of the groom...which is far superior to NOT having the help of the groom, let me tell you), doing it when you have three kids, and those three kids have lives, too, is...well...interesting.

Because [Kid 1] is graduating this year. So we're talking about graduation, and prom (dates and dresses), and getting college applications and FAFSA forms in, and fighting with school administrators about getting the goddam official transcripts that you should have had when you asked for them weeks ago and you're kid isn't going to be accepted at college because of the complete ineptness of MORE River City School System personnel. It's aggravating as HELL!!

She (the administrator) finally, after NUMEROUS messages, returned my call and ASSURED me that she'd have the transcripts for [Kid 1] to pick up and that she'd call her from class to get them as soon as she had them. Of course, [Kid 1] comes home without so much as a clue that she had something to bring home. The next day, I called back. And I tried to make it clear that I was more than a little upset that things had not been prioritized. And the transcripts were delivered to my office.

But that's still hours tied up on a project that should have taken one call.



And that's just one of [Kid 1]'s 'things' right now.

Highlander and I have decided what we are getting her for a graduation gift. I know she’ll like it. But, I still need to get it ordered. I'd love to wait until after the wedding. Unfortunately, that only leaves me a few weeks.

I've also noticed that [Kid 1] and [Kid 3] are having a little trouble with seasonal allergies. The pollen is fierce around here right now, as everything begins blooming and greening up. Looks lovely, but hay fever sufferers BEWARE! Trying to keep everyone healthy for the next few least.

[Kid 3] has also recently developed a serious bug phobia. Not sure where that one comes from as, to my knowledge, she hasn't been stung by anything other than a mosquito, ever. Of course, it's possible I just don't know. This seems to have begun during her last visit with her dad. Now, she doesn't want to go outside. Not to play. Not to sit on the front porch. Not to get in the car. And it's becoming a thing. For a kid that LOVED being outside, I am saddened to see the change. She stiffens up and is simply terrified. We do bug surveillance before we make a dash from the back porch to the car. Citronella candles and insect repellent have always been around, but right now, they're both getting plenty of play.

Romance is never far when you have a house full of women. [Kid 2] has ended a very serious relationship with a boy she'd been dating for about 4 months. It was painful for her and Highlander and I had to break some news to her (that had been brought by [Kid 1] to us) and that was most difficult. But I was glad that we could be there for her when she needed us. [Kid 1] is still single, but [Kid 2] has already been on a date with the next Mr. [Kid 2]. And she had a good time. And they are constantly talking. So, she's rebounding well. But, you know, being a mom, I worry a little.

Not to be ignored, my car is acting up. Mechanics are going to take a look at it today, but my guess is the alternator. The battery would be entirely too cheap for my luck.

A (very) little something else that had my sphygmomanometer registering, but that's so insignificant that I won't go into it here.

Some medical issues with my extended family have had some of my attention. Along with my (involuntary) sideline tax service. (I'm pretty sure I've taken care of everyone who needs my help there.)

Oh, yeah, and I'm working, too. A go-zillion shop drawings spread across my desk would testify to that. If, of course, they could testify, that is. I'm trying to get everything done and even ahead of the curve. It's an attempt to keep from returning (after my upcoming time off) to find (the inevitable) piles of paper awaiting me. Yes, I know. I'm kidding myself. But I'm playing along anyway.

So, if I can get my house cleaned up and apply the rejuvenating elixir to my follicles in the next couple weeks...along with driver training for Highlander, therapy sessions for [Kid 1], and checking into summer camp for [Kid 3] (in case her sisters both get summer jobs...hey, they're threatening, I need to be prepared), and everything else, of course, I should be golden.



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I wish you strength and caffeine.

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