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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Been Awhile...

Since I did a You Tube Post. Saw something that started me down this path today and wanted to share it. Sound really isn't necessary for the first one...

It was this video from Japanese tv about an Indian rollerskating girl.

And then there was this 1957 German stocking ad...

You are aware that season two has started. Right?

One for my Sweetheart...

Pinky the Cat has a grudge against Thomas Edison.

And, well, I can't talk about Pinky the Cat AT ALL without including this clip. The first time I saw it (probably ten years ago), it was indelibly etched on my brain. Just hearing the words "Pinky the Cat" put this picture (or, more accurately, series of pictures) in my head.

My kids think this (longish) video is pretty funny. I just think it's weird.

Lastly, the one for Tony Collett...(you knew it was coming).


Blogger Nate said...

"Shun the non-believer!!"


8/13/2007 8:50 AM  

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