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Sunday, August 12, 2007


While finishing up the previous post, I ran across a couple of random links I wanted to share.

So, what if Tom Hanks had opened up one of these in one of those Fed-Ex boxes he opend in CASTAWAY? I'll bet he'd have been pretty pissed at himself for waiting so long to open the damned boxes. I know I wouldn't mind one right about now.

Having already lived through the "real deal", I found this parenthood preparation test pretty hysterical.

Personally, I don't need an ad campaign to get me in the mood for this idea was kinda funny...and seems like it should have been obvious long before now.

As a Skunk Baxter fan (from both Steely Dan AND the Doobie Brothers), I was surprised I hadn't heard about this new turn for him. Pretty cool.

88 Monty Python "mini-films" (we call them skits, but okay, whatever) all in one place. You may all thank me later.

While trippin' around the 'net, I ran across this list of the Top Ten Supervillain Costumes of All Time. Knowing how many regular readers are comics fans, I wanted to pass it along for your perusal. I'm sure your mileage will vary.

A brief article on the Politics of Harry Potter.

All right, that's all you get for now. A CRAZY week coming up for me will probably have this site suffering for it. I've got three big presentations at work this week (one is a busy week for me), the first day of school for two of my three kiddos, Nate is getting in mid-week, and a party next Saturday (which means cooking, baking and cleaning). Take care, Gang! I'll see you on the other side, k?...well...a few of you before that...;)


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