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Thursday, September 13, 2007

THIS Is How It Rolls At My Office

So my one boss (the more geeky of the two), comes back to work in the studio about two desks away from me. I'm working fast and furious on some shop drawings for some gymnasium equipment (backboards to be specific) which are screwed up ROYALLY, whilst waiting for one of the new guys to finish setting up some Power Point slides for a presentation tomorrow morning. Once he finished, I knew I needed to review the presentation and see what changes, if any, needed to be made, so I was trying to be productive while I was waiting for him to finish up...and...well...there's always an inexhaustible supply of shop drawings...

So, anyway, I'm marking the hell out of these shop drawings and completely ignoring my boss and he says, from over there in left field, "So I'd guess you're a Monty Python fan, huh?". Only the fans on the A/C units were blowing pretty loud and I couldn't make any sense out of what was coming out of his mouth. It took a minute, and a repeat from him, but I eventually got it.

"Oh, yeah," I said, "I guess it shows, huh? In fact, everyone in my house is."

He kinda laughed and said, "Yeah, I figured as much. Star Trek, too, right?"

"Uh, huh...", I said a little nervously, and with one eyebrow raised suspiciously. 'Cause, maybe this information is why I haven't had a raise in forever. I don't know. Like, maybe, IT'S A TRAP!!!

Anyway, he proceeds with "I got this link from my brother-in-law that you just gotta see. I'll have to send it to you, 'cause I know you'd love it." And he continues to babble without letting me get a word in until he finally says, "You know what, I'm gonna go back to my office and send it to you right now."

O. Kay.

'Cause, there's not a million things going on that are more important than Star Trek and Monty Python. (Hey, I don't think that. I just figured that's Management mind controlling me.) Whatever.

So, he goes back to the other side of the building and sends me an email forward that he got from his brother-in-law.

A You Tube video. (Y'all know how I dig on the You Tube.) (And, yeah, I said 'Y'All'. Deal with it.)

So he's all giggly and dancing around my desk. "You have speakers, right? Or at least sound. You gotta have sound."

"Yeah, I've got sound."

"Well turn it ALL the way up. You really need to be able to hear it." (As, apparently, so does everyone else in the studio, be they a Monty Python fan or not...wait, who cares about them if they're not?)

So, then, I open the link and get this...

Okay, I thought it was funny, but he was doubled over laughing behind me as I watched it.

Knowing you'll be right there with him...

That's right. Two weeks of no posting and THIS is what you get. Oh, the humanity...


Blogger Nate said...

Still funny.

9/14/2007 12:09 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...


9/16/2007 4:45 PM  

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