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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Dismember Blogging....

Heh...You have to be really old to get that one...

Hard to believe that it's been nearly a month since I last blogged.

I've missed it. But sometimes it seems like I'm sittin' on the porch of a house on the highway. Everything is just racing by me and I'm always trying to find a few more minutes, because there are so many things left to do. Like cars on the highway, I never seem to run out of things left to do. Tiring. (I hear ya out there, Mr. Norton.)

I imagine you're all interested in what's been going on lately, huh?

Won't hit everything, but will mention that we're all doing pretty well. Greatly looking forward to the holiday season and making pretty good inroads on the various lists for Thanksgiving and other lists for Christmas.

[Kid 3] had some oral surgery last week and is recovering nicely. Pretty painful and pitiful last weekend, but back to her sassy self now. The surgery involved a gum graft for a receding gum situation.

On a seven year old.

I may never "get" that one.

In any event, for the unintiated (ah, it was only yesterday that I was amongst ye ranks), the procedure entailed removing a piece of tissue from the roof of her mouth and then grafting it onto the area of the gum that was receding. So, it was that she had two owies in her mouth.

In other news, she has an award ceremony (in connection with the end of the first semester) and I've been advised that she will be receiving an award. That's on tap for Friday morning.

[Kid 2] is tutoring (in addition to school and her part-time job and squeezing time in for a boyfriend) one day a week after school. She's nothing if not amazing. Have I mentioned that she had gotten her dental stuff started? An expander in the roof of her mouth has moved her upper jaw to the point where the two front teeth (that used to overlap slightly) now have a SIGNIFICANT gap. It's part one of the process. As I understand it, as the orthodontist begins moving teeth around, the gap will disappear. I live in hope.

Anyway, the expander has done it's job and we're now at the point where we're ready to get the bottom braces put on. That is on tap for tomorrow morning.

[Kid 1] is struggling a little with independence. Still living in our home, but being a legal adult is an adventure for us all. She's been sick with a cold for about a week, but refuses to go to the doctor. As a borderline asthmatic...who refuses to take her medicine...and is sneaking and smoking...and wandering around in the cool rain...without a coat...she's not exactly taking the best care of herself. So, I've been doing that thing that I do (hey, I'm her mother, I'm allowed!).

I'm nagging.

Still hasn't gotten her there, but using some meds around the house (including a few breathing treatments with the nebulizer), have apparently helped, but she's also just found out she's been exposed to mono and I'm hoping that's one thing we can dodge through the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, I haven't picked up the turkey yet, but I've whittled the grocery list down deeply. I also need to pick up some things to bake a cake for my darling hubby, who has a birthday coming up next week (the day before Thanksgiving), and a card I need to get in the know who you are...

I don't, generally, have the girls for Thanksgiving. Part of the divorce settlement was that my ex had them every Thanksgiving. My eldest had already decided to join us this year (still miffed at her dad about his recent snub and his near total lack of concern/interest in her life since she turned 18). And, of course, Nate will be celebrating with us. But it's always kind of sad when I don't have all my girls.

This year, due to some scheduling changes on my ex's side, we are fortunate enough to have ALL THREE girls for Thanksgiving. In fact, [Kid 1] has a couple of friends who will be joining us as well. So, it should be a big crowd. Which we will all heartily enjoy!

Ty Pennington (who is not gay) has been in town working on a house for his show. It's been pretty interesting. My kids know the family (the handicapped son plays music at their church, and his younger brother goes to school with [Kid 2]), and it's not far from our neighborhood. But traffic's been a nightmare around the construction site and no one in our tightknit group has spotted Ty (who is not gay).

But it's been rather exciting and we've all kind of enjoyed it. The show isn't scheduled to air until next spring, but the builder (who I know) has pictures of the construction progress on their website. (Interested parties can email me for a link. I'd put it here, but it really is information that will "locate" us more than I'd like to in this medium.)

Nate starts a new job next week. It seems to be a good fit for him. He'll be getting a pretty good raise from his job in New York, plus a company vehicle. The work is in a field in which he has some expertise and so it should be fairly comfortable. Work is work, though, and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a "job" too fast.

I don't think I mentioned it, but, as I type this post I can't help but see the present D gave me for our 6 month wedding anniversary. That's right. He's that ga-ga.

He actually picked up gifts for all "his girls". Mine, however, was the best! It's a BEAUTIFUL bracelet watch. EXACTLY like I have wanted for years. And I was delighted to have it. I really was!! Who ever heard of a six month wedding anniversary?!? He's the most considerate and sensitive person I've ever known (and an utter DOLL) and I am just so crazy about him!!

I'm working on a crappy birthday surprise for him, but it's not working out so well. I haven't given up hope...completely...but it's gonna take a miracle to pull it off...

The kids go to spend a week with their dad on Saturday and, between finishing getting things ready for Thanksgiving (including cleaning the entire house and grocery shopping), are hoping to catch a few movies. Including THE MIST. As it's his birthday week, of course I'll be letting him do all the picking.

He's also already scheduled to have a week of all his favorite dinners, too. Lasagne, chicken pot pie, chicken tenders, and more... So, yeah, it's gonna be more busy than when we have the girls...LOL! If you don't see me around've have a clue.

Okay, that's all you get for now. Go buy some cranberries or something!


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