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Monday, November 19, 2007

Living in the Future Now!

My darling hubby is still looking for his jetpack, etc., but a recent illness that my father is battling (and the associated medical technology) has me believing that we are living in the future now!

Some serious problems had him admitted to the hospital last Wednesday and the standard battery of tests is coming up short on explanations. The main problem, you see, is a serious internal bleeding problem. He's been transfused five times since Wednesday and his blood pressure (as you can imagine) has been majorly wonky.

Many, many things have been ruled out at this point. I'm most grateful for the lack of any evidence of colon cancer (as his mother died from that just over five years ago).

However, it's incredibly frustrating not being able to correct/treat the problem...BECAUSE THE DOCTORS/HOSPITAL CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT'S CAUSING IT!!!!!

The next test on the list, which will likely take place tomorrow, is a Capsular Endoscopy. And, if this stuff isn't Living in the Future Now, I'm not sure what is.

I told my Mom it was "The Jetsons" technology. She just rolled her eyes at me. (Can you believe she just doesn't "get me"?)

The test will not be performed in the hospital. No one has said so, but my cynical nature believes that it's a matter of liabilities and insurance coverages. The hospital won't take it on, so my dad has to be well enough to be discharged from the hospital to get the test that will (hopefully) tell us what treatment he needs to get know...get released from the hospital. Oh, it's tricky business.

In the meantime, he is doing better today. Blood levels and pressures are holding. He's eating a little and semi-mobile. Crazy stuff, though. Especially in the middle of all the other crazy stuff I have going on.

We live in hope.


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