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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two Wrongs Make a Right?

Does it ever occur to anyone else that maybe Britney Spears and Michael Jackson would make a good couple? Sure, Michael's gotten older and he's no longer the one with the daily antics (having kids seems to have settled him down a little...the antics are more monthly now), but certainly Britney seems to have been inspired.

After her latest, I was thinking, "You know, if we could hook the two of them together, give Kevin Federline the kids (yeah, okay, the plan's not flawless), maybe they'd be enough for each other. Certainly supportive of each others' outrageous behavior." Right? Shoot, maybe he'd even take her to Bahrain to live!

Although, maybe the two of them together would ramp up the eccentric exponentially. Maybe they'd BOTH be in the news daily.

Some problems are just too big for my brain...


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