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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Mind's Been Playing Cruel Tricks

...or has it?

About 146 years ago (no offense, Steve, you look good...really), I saw a stand-up routine (not live, mind you) that Steve Martin did, wherein, he talked about The Cruel Shoes.

The bit was not particularly flattering to women. I should probably front-load with that. But the delivery was quite comical.

Steve has moved on to other things, and that's all well and good. The bit, however, stayed with me. Particularly, when I've seen shoes that look like this, or like that, or, my god, like those.

The years, apparently, have not been kind to the memories of my similarly-aged-peers. So many times, I have mentioned this routine (when I've seen shoes that looked, in some way, cruel) and have asked various people if they remember it. Hoping, against hope, for a glimmer of recognition and perhaps...perhaps...even a smile indicating that they "get it". Is that too much to ask???

But time and time again, I am rebuked.

"No, Superwife, you hot, sexy maven of all things right and comical, you must be misremembering." Or, sometimes, they give me that sideways glance...which, I've come to learn, is NOT a come hither look...and tell me that I've dreamed the entire thing. That Steve Martin never did any such routine. And something about me being DE-ranged, but by then I'm no longer listening to them, so I can't be sure about that last.

Oh, how easy it would have been to suppress my true memories, to just "let it go", but I could not. So, once again, I took a look around the web and this time...::sniff:: ::sniff::...I found a little validation.

To those of you who doubted me, well, here you go. I should also note that it probably isn't gonna live up to the build up I've given it. But, mostly, I'm just delighted that I found it. The following You Tube clip has the audio, but the video is a compilation of pics, as opposed to the routine (which would have included some trademark Steve Martin facial expressions). But it will give you the idea.

Lastly, I just wanted to say, to all of you who urged me to give up the dream...N'Yah, N'Yah, N'Yah, N'Yah, N'Yah...I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!


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