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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Politically Incorrect Chili

That's right. I said "politically incorrect chili". (Though, sadly, this post is doomed to fail to live up to that freakishly bizarre title. Mea Culpa.)

Several weeks ago, [Kid 1] shared with me (via cellphone photographic evidence) a humorous marquis in our neighborhood. A "Cincinnati-style chili franchise", that shall go unnamed in this post that's less than a mile from our place.

Now, having sampled this particular establishment's wares many years ago, I can tell you, without hesitation, that I am not a fan of Cincinnati-style chili, nor to my knowledge, is anyone else in my household (though, it's likely that they'd keep a horror of this magnitude from me, such is the disdain I have for this place) . Consequently, it's not a place frequented by our household. Which would, I suppose, serve as some type of explanation as to why I'd not previously noticed their holiday marquis message...

I'm pretty sure they're alluding to Santa's chili ordering choices, and not something even more unsavory than their product. I must admit, though, that I could be wrong. Me and Santa, we're close. But not that close.

So, many hee-hee-hee's and ha-ha-ha's and a couple weeks later, [Kid 1] happened to be near this particular establishment, whilst in the company of a cousin she's spending a great deal of time with lately, and wanted to show her the funny signage. 'Cause, you know, Christmas was over at that point and making fun of Santa's sexual orientation was not quite the danger it had been only days before.

However, the chili parlor had changed it's sign. Not, however, disappointed by the replacement, [Kid 1] brought me home this photo...

Like these BAD chili-makin' mofo's have any idea what goes on in MY bedroom. Hmpf!


Blogger MJ Norton said...

Heh. Well, I had to look into this at least a little, so I'm guessing this is the Skyline chain (reportedly operating in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida, which explains why I've never heard of them), and I now see that their 3-Way is their chili served over spaghetti, then topped with cheese.

Without even wondering about the quality of their chili itself, I have to ask "why?" and can really only answer that pasta's easy to fix and likely makes for a very inexpensive filler item.

1/01/2008 8:52 PM  
Blogger SuperWife said...

Yeah, I had hopes that the madness had not spread nationwide. Rumor is that the taste is associated with the additions of cinnamon and small amounts of chocolate in their chili. For me anyway, that's an error of epic proportions. (For the record, they also have other, less humorous I suppose, "ways".)

As for the pasta in chili, it's a southern thing. Most restaurants here either serve it with chili, or ask if you want it with your chili. As my kids are southern, I usually have it available when I make chili. Some of them go there, others do not. Also, beans are a staple in chili here. Apparently, not so much in Cincy as they are considered an add on item.

Best I stick to my own kitchen when opting for chili (which I will be this week).

1/02/2008 7:53 AM  
Blogger for a different kind of girl said...

In my humble opinion, chili is something that should be enjoyed alone between a man or a woman and their chili. I don't think I could endure the jealousy that the pasta would bring to the relationship.

1/02/2008 9:40 AM  
Blogger SuperWife said...

FADKOG - I know what you mean, but I am pretty fickle about this stuff. Sometimes, if there's pasta in the house, my eye wanders. I admit it. I'm only human, damnit! Luckily, the chili always takes me back...but there is a bit o' revenge.

As an aside, I'd like to note that this entire post (as well as the sub-freezing temps for the past few days) has made me so hungry for chili that I'll be serving some up tonight. With a little pasta and cheese on the side, for those that swing that way...;) Dinner's at 6.

1/03/2008 2:18 PM  

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