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Monday, February 11, 2008

Did Anybody Get the License Number of that Psycho?

Um...I guess...since we haven't had any arguments or bad feelings in a while, my ex felt it was necessary to remind me of my status.

Outta nowhere, I got this email last night. It was titled "Clarification". (I've reproduced it in it's entirety.)

Our status hasn't changed from the first day you wrote bad about me. As of late you act like you've done nothing wrong. I continue to regard your actions as disrespectful and rude and will still pass this on to others when asked. I'll treat you like I feel you treat me. Ignoring it or acting like a few good deeds preempts this is wasted effort. Questioning why you're not respected is another form of your ignorance. I never told you it's all changed and it hasn't. If you ever wonder out loud again why you you don't get treated right I'll just say "you know".

The divorce agreement part 4 clearly states that there should be no disrespect and that's how you treat me. Your opinion on this is 1 side of a 2 sided argument. I had hopes one day you would make an effort to straighten up.

No need to reply.

Sooooo, treating him with respect should not be taken as any indication that we're in any way civil...but the divorce decree says there should be no disrespect...

Perhaps the impact has disoriented me. That must be it.

I mean, the fact that he had a blog where he was writing bad things about me before I ever started blogging shouldn't be a factor...or should it? Anymore than the fact that I keep him anonymous here, where, you know, he has felt comfortable posting my address and phone number (where his kids live most of the time) on the internet where anyone could access the information.

The thing that gets me is that he must feel that since we haven't had any arguments lately, he needs to do something to slap me around a little and keep me in my place. Sheesh, I'm so over this behavior.

Oh, and for the record, the divorce decree talks about respectful parenting. Or, you know, not disrespecting each other to the kids. I'm not sure how anonymous blogging is, in any way, a violation of that. But, that's a hurdle that's simply insurmountable. He is incapable of understanding how badly he needs to get over it and move on and try to be a better parent to his children...before he loses what emotional connection he has left to any of them.

Not that I expect that to happen...which is why a reply really isn't necessary. It will do absolutely no good. I've tried. Believe me.


Blogger Spider Girl said...

I will never understand why some people prefer to stay locked in battle mode rather then move on, chill out, go live their lives as pleasantly and conflict free as possible. I, unfortunately, like you, have aligned myself with such a person for life by reproducing with him. *sigh* Just when you think everything is going smoothly, they jump in and push your ever-so-easy-to-find buttons because they can't seem to stand the peace! I still can't seem to comprehend this type of masochism!

2/22/2008 6:02 PM  

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