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Monday, September 18, 2006

Love is in the Air

After checking all the 'regulars' this morning, I found no less than three blogs talking about death today. Happens, I suppose. I've got a Flashback Friday! brewing that would be pretty consistent with the trend. But right now, I've got other stuff burbling in me brain!

I've got a birthday this week. (And really, that's the nothing part of this entry.) Very shortly, thereafter, my parents will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. A significant milestone.

When I was a kid, I used to accuse them of marrying after I was born. The reality is (and I've seen the marriage license and my birth certificate...I was that kind of kid) I was almost (9 days early) a first anniversary gift. Ironically, my sister was almost a second anniversary gift, overshooting the mark by 3 days with her arrival.

My mom was 17 when she married my (then 20 year old) dad. They were married by a justice of the peace in a photography studio. No fancy dress. No wedding cake. No big party. Clearly, the 'smit' took precedence over waiting for them to be able to afford such extravagances.

This year, to celebrate their tenacity, they are renewing their wedding vows. Appropriate, I suppose. They are not, thankfully (for tact's sake, anyway), attempting to 'recreate' the wedding they missed. This ceremony will be grander than the original, but we are keeping in mind that it's not a wedding.

My younger sister and I have been helping to advise and coordinate. (She taking more of the lead than I have.) It's been interesting. I'm loving watching my parents get so excited about this.

This weekend, I bought the silk flowers that I used to make my mother's bouquet and my father's boutonniere. That still sounds odd to me, even though I finished them both last night (with Highlander's help). I think they will both be pleased with the finished products.

My mother's dress is a deep purple and I found some silk hydrangeas that were a purple and cream and pale pink, that I thought would be gorgeous. A couple accent flowers and some ribbons and it was done.

For dad, I bought a single purple rose that complements the colors of my mother's flowers and her dress, and attached one of the (less feminine) accent flowers to it and wrapped the stem. Voila'. It should look pretty spiffy with his gray suit.

Next on my "To Do" list for Mom & Dad's ceremony is typing up the vows they've written to each other. For two people who have lived a lifetime of bickering, they both have pretty tender hearts. I'm also in charge of finding a poem (any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, btw) for [Kid 1] to read at the service (at their church).

As they want to have all four of their grandkids participate, [Kid 2] has volunteered to hand out programs to guests, and [Kid 3]'s near constant begging to be a flower girl has her standing beside my mother to hold her flowers for her. My twenty year old niece will be running the camcorder.

Consequently, for the next couple weeks, my household will be even more chaotic than it's usual level of insanity. Making sure everyone has appropriate clothing for the event, helping decorate the church and reception hall, working on programs, dinner out with my family as a pre-event, and all the general orchestration that comes with an event like this. (Yes, Highlander will be looking for condolences. Please, don't be stingy with your love.)

The trickiest part, for me, is that we leave for our vacation a (very) few days later. Whew! I'll definitely be NEEDING a vacation!


Anonymous L.C. said...

Happy Birthday!

9/18/2006 12:14 PM  

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