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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?

Here at Rupert & McElroy (yep, I still work there), we get calls (mostly complaint calls) from KFC customers with some regularity. Odd, because, well, we ain't KFC. I’ll answer the phone “Rupert & McElroy” (well, not really, but you know what I mean)and then they’ll start right in with “Yeah, I haven’t received the coupons I requested.”, or “I ate at your store on blah..blah..boulevard and my chicken wasn’t even done.”. Stuff like that. And, of course, working in an architectural office, where we neither have coupons, nor chickens, it always throws me a little. I try to advise them that they have not reached KFC’s offices. They almost always reply with, “Well, I got your number off the web.”

The first time that happened, it was more than a little surprising. I mean, I've worked here a long time. Surely, I'd know if we were a KFC affiliate. Right? But these folks are nothing if they're not persistent. At some point, it occured to me that since we had done the design for KFC's national headquarters building, that they may be (along with other prominent projects) featured on our website. And, perhaps, just perhaps, when people google KFC national headquarters, our website comes up. (I’ve never actually tested that theory, but it seems reasonable to me.)

Now when I’ve tried, patiently…and professionally…to explain this to (often hostile) callers, they scold me and tell me that we shouldn’t have that on our website. That we're intentionally misleading the public. *blink* *blink* Uh, huh. Clearly, these folks don’t understand the concept.

In any event, it’s happened many, many times over the years (and has really messed with some former receptionists), but we’ve never gotten a letter before.

Until today.

I’ve attached it for your perusal. I only opened it at all because it had Rupert & McElroy listed as part of the delivery address. Now, I’ve scanned it in (along with the envelope), so you can all see what kind of fun I have at work. And you should, 'cause it's lots o' fun!

Anyway, without further ado, and with FAR too much build-up for what will (likely) be a big nothing, check this out. It totally made me (and much of the rest of the rest of my office) LOL today.

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Remember Me?

It's been over a year since I've posted. So, it feels VERY weird to be here typing again. Not sure anyone still checks in (I probably wouldn't myself), but I'm hoping to be a better 'hostess' in the upcoming future.

I got deeply involved in an entirely other time-suck (Gaiaonline). My kids spend a great deal of time there and they got me involved. Once in, I found a group of adults and made some friends there. It's been a blast, but I've deeply missed the freedom I get here (short of rl hurdles constructed by my ex and his merry band of misinformed minions).

Anywho, I was telling my hubby about an incident at work today and he said he would "totally blog" it and I suppose it's time to get back on the horse. Sad that the first actual blog post after resuming will be kinda lame, but, well, they were kinda lame when last we spoke. ;)

So, it's good to be back and check out my other post today...

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