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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Today Than Yesterday...

Yesterday, was a pretty good day.

And not even in that "pretty good day for a Monday" kinda way, either.

A gorgeous (and I MEAN gorgeous!!!) bouquet of pink roses and stargazer lilies showed up at my office before lunchtime. So large was this bouquet that it took two strapping men to deliver it. The pregnant woman in my office who signed for said bouquet was under doctor's orders not to lift it due to it's girth, and so she called for me to pick up my own damned flowers...or something like that.

The card read...

Happy Anniversary!

I Love You

Thanks for Making All My Dreams Come True


Your Husband

I would say the card simply read that...but despite the lack of volume, the content packs a very adequate punch. (Eat your hearts out, ladies!)

One year ago, yesterday, I married this very romantic and thoughtful man. It was a beautiful spring day full of music and the love of our friends and family.

Me, who swore I would never again walk down the aisle...

One year ago, yesterday, Highlander agreed to spend the rest of his life making me happy and being my friend and loving me. But not only me, my three girls as well. And we all agreed to do the same in return.

Some days are easier for him to do that than others...LOL.

Being a very...well...nontraditional couple...we had something in mind for our first anniversary. Since the kids were with us, and since he accepted all of us that fateful day one year ago, yesterday, it was a rather larger outing than most anniversary dates.

I left work a little early, picked him up, and then we did a couple errands before arriving at our place (with [Kid 3] in tow), just before 5PM. We changed into the shirts I custom-made last year identifying us as belonging to each other, loaded up all the kids and our best man, and headed out to do what is maybe the most sickeningly sweet anniversary thing ever.
We went to [Kid 3]'s favorite place in the world...Build a Bear.

Highlander and I selected a heart, made a wish on it, kissed it, and then place it in each others' bear. So, effectively, his bear has my heart and my bear has his. Goofy, I know. But, so completely adorable and unique that I had to go for it.

Plus, my teens, who have always wanted to buy one of these pricey bears (without actually having to spend their money to do so), were COMPLETELY excited about the prospect, and, of course, [Kid 3] was a giddy puddle of goo by the time we got there. Even Nate participated, upon finding work boots and a tool belt for his furry friend.

And so, after a delightful time of picking out the perfect "bear", stuffing them, dressing them and then giving the Build a Bear organization a rather hefty donation, we awayed to a very enjoyable dinner together.

As the weather was 78 with just a hint of a breeze, we found a nearby restaurant with a patio and soaked up the fresh air and yummy cuisine.

It was not difficult to step back from the picture to realize how very lucky I am...and be living the life I am living. Yeah, it's not all roses and stuffed bears every day, but my life is full to brimming with love. And I have chosen to spend the rest of it with a man who not only works so hard to make my life better and more joyful...but who does so for my girls as well.

So, while I am not going out of my way looking for bad days, I'll take them. Because the good ones far, far outnumber the bad ones.

Highlander, thank you for a wonderful first anniversary. And I really do love you more today than yesterday...but not as much as tomorrow...

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Friday, April 18, 2008

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

Guess what, Gang??

We had a little non-caffeinated help waking up this morning.

Oh sure the alarm went off at 5:20...but I was stilling lolling around at 5:38.

While we weren't at the epicenter, we still had a pretty decent shake from the 5.4 richter scale quake.

It sent [Kid 3] bolting out of bed and hurtling towards our room. [Kid 2], however, maintains her reputation as my best sleeper of the bunch!

Minimal damage here in River City and definitely none to us. But an interesting way to start the day to be sure!!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Checked My Calendar This Morning...

That's's that time of year again...Mr. Norton's Birthday!!

Hope it's a great one, Mikey!!

(Heh...I love how that graphic works with Tax Day, too!!)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

N'yuck N'yuck N'yuck...

You may have already seen poster. (I'm always at the tail end of these things.) It was distributed around my office today by my friend the republican architect. Two things jumped out at me immediately.

First (probably because I'm "chick-like" in my power) was that it was kinda sad that Hillary got stuck with the Larry hair...but I suppose it coulda been worse, given the alternatives.

Second was that John McCain had been cast in the role of Curly/Shemp/Curly Joe (it's so hard to tell, you know?), while Barack Obama had been given the role of Moe Howard. Sure a stooge is a stooge, but when it comes to these particular guys, Moe is BY FAR the brains of the operation, as well as the clear leader of the group. Probably doesn't mean anything in the context of the photo. I just thought it was interesting (considering that any of them could have been put in any of the positions equally) that Obama had been cast as "Moe".

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

I can haz ur attenshun?

Hi, boys and girls.

Today, we're gonna talk, just a little, about 'lolcats'. Those wacky photos with the crazy captions. The classic (if not the original)...

Sure, I thought it was funny, too. Until I ran across this gem...

Which totally made me think of this poor, disrespected guy...

I suppose, at least in part, because I sympathize with the caveman, I find the rebel lolcat to be the superior model. He is like the Bill Cosby of lolcats, trying to empower the lolcat and raise the wack lolcats outta the far too accepted stereotype.

And I say, "RIGHT ON!", Rebel Lolcat. You go, Kitty, Kitty!

'Cause pictures like this...

or this...

or, heaven forbid, this...

only bring ALL lolcats down.

And that's racial profiling. And that's wrong.

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